Where to Watch Give Me an A Movie Streaming Online in the US

Where to Watch Give Me an A Movie Streaming Online in the US

Give me an Aan anthology collection of short films by female directors created in response to the recent overthrow of Roe v. Wade, will be shown at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival as well as FF @Home, the virtual companion to Fantastic Fest.

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest also announced that 100% of proceeds from the screening will be donated to the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) to help provide access to reproductive services.

Alyssa Milan (Charm), Virginia Madsen (candy man), Gina Torres (Serenity) and Milana Vayntrub (Werewolves inside) all have roles in the film, which spans multiple genres including horror, sci-fi, satire and comedy.

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Give me an AThe massive and impressive ensemble of directors includes Natasha Halevi, Meg Swertlow, Bonnie Discepolo, Danin Jacquay, Erica May Wright, Annie Bond, Sarah Kopkin, Monica Moore-Suryiage, Caitlin Hargraves, Megan Rosati, Hannah Alline, Avital Ash, Mary C Russell, Valerie Finkel, Kelly Nygaard, Loren Escandon and Francesca Maldonado.

Plot and style

Because the movie is a collection of works from multiple writers and directors, there’s really no way to tell there’s an overarching plot. But the placement of the stories created a common thread that ties the individual pieces together. I’ve had the chance to review written anthologies and that’s something I really appreciate.

The separate plays are based on history, horror, sci-fi, even comedy and a musical. Jumping from one to the other isn’t shocking, and there are a few threads from the individual plots that connect them to the part before and what comes after. The flow created allowed the audience to move from a piece with a heavier message to a lighter one and allowed us to catch our mental breath.

Around each of the individually made shorts, there was a story thread used to tie them all together. A team of cheerleaders were used to show off the titles, but they also delivered a poignant message.

This movie screams even when silent. It raises questions about what happened and what could be. It raises questions about what it means to be a woman in a society that does not allow bodily autonomy.

Cast and crew

There are many recognizable people everywhere Give me an A. It is clear that this project created emotions and commitments that brought the actors and the teams together. There are many notable participants in this project, and here are a few.

Sean Gunn (IMDb link) (guardians of the galaxy) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in his role as John Adams. He starred opposite Alyssa Milano (IMDb link) as Abigail in their enactment of letters sent between the two. Other sections of the feature included Milana Vaytrub (Squirrel girl, werewolves inside) (IMDb link), Jennifer Holland (Peacemaker, The Suicide Squad) (IMDb link), and Jason George (Rocky Horror Show: Live Theater, Stargate SG-1) (IMDb link). There were many other wonderful talents in those shows.

Give me an A is a timely collection of tales reflecting the mood of many people right now. It’s moving and was written to give every member of the audience something to think about. You might not agree with the feelings, but there’s no doubt that the filmmakers involved in the project have strong feelings.

I loved Give me an A at several levels.

The individual segments of the feature film bring personal aspects of the events we witnessed. These are not just direct reflections, but inserted into metaphors that will remain etched in your memory.

Function is woven together to make a whole. The placement of each segment in the series builds the overall story and book.

I recommend Give me an A to anyone who has feelings about it as a way to learn to understand the feelings of those this film represents.

Give me an A is currently playing on the film festival circuit.

You can learn more about Give me an A on IMDb (link).

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