Wheel Of Time Season 2 Teaser Scene Added To Season 1 On Amazon Prime

Wheel Of Time Season 2 Teaser Scene Added To Season 1 On Amazon Prime

A new The Wheel of Time Season 2 teaser scene is available and has been added to Season 1 on Amazon Prime. If you go to the finale of Season 1 on the streaming app, and go the end of the show, there is a new final scene before the credits, time stamp is 54:00. Want to watch this scene for yourself with zero spoilers? Then I suggest you do not read the rest of this article. After all, If I didn’t discuss the content, this would be more of a social post than a news article.

There was no official announcement of this addition, instead it was found by fans and shared online.

*Season 2 Teaser SPOILERS Below*

The new scene begins with a young girl walking around a house at night. The house is surrounded by stone items with depictions of what looks like ancient Aes Sedai. Three Trollocs appear holding torches  and the girl gets scared and runs inside. In the room there are adults all sat round a table and the girl dives under the table. We don’t see who is all at the table, however one of them must be Seanchan with the signature long fingernails. We also see one has an Aes Sedai ring on their finger. One person we do see at the table is the person who claimed to be The Dark One in the finale of Season 1.

The bad guy (NO major SPOILERS here) is explaining to those seated about Rand and how they can stop him.

The girl notices her own mothers legs and crawls towards her. However bad guy character then playfully leans under and suggest to the girl they are having an important meeting. The girl tells him about the monsters outside. The bad guy then says he’s been called many things including a monster, as well as Father of Lies and Ishamael. He takes the girls outside to pet one of the Trollocs and explains to her they are part human and part animal, but they are not monsters.

What Do We Learn?

The scene itself is reminiscent, though different to one used as the prologue of one of the later books. There is not much to learn here on the face of it. Well, outside of the fact it’s our first introduction to the name Ishamael.

However, there are some visual details here which I think do offer some clues. It has long been debated that the amount of Forsaken in the books was too many. Fans found they were hard to keep track of. I can empathize with the opinion, if not necessarily agree. However, it’s predicted by fans that the number will be dropped for the show, meaning less characters to follow. This I agree is a good call for the adaptation, given they need to fit 14 books into only 8 Seasons.

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Well, we may have a number. The Aes Sedai stone statues I spoke about above may actually be for Forsaken and not Aes Sedai. The girl also crawls across a symbol on the floor and it’s a sort of 8 pointed star. Inside each of the segments is slightly different symbology. I therefore think this could be a major hint that the number of Forsaken we will get in the show is 8. I won’t name them or say who misses out. However there are some names we know cannot be replaced and some that could be merged with others without much hassle.

What do you think as a new The Wheel of Time Season 2 teaser scene is available and has been added to Season 1 on Amazon Prime? Thoughts below as always. Season 2 of The Wheel of Time premieres on September 1st.

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