What is the ‘Emily in Paris’ season 4 release date?

What is the ‘Emily in Paris’ season 4 release date?

The love/hate relationship is back, with Emily in Paris returning once more to Netflix for its fourth season. The show has garnered a large fanbase, as well as plenty of disgruntled hate watchers (mainly the French, and especially the Parisians) as they follow an American in Paris navigating new culture, romance, work, and a questionable wardrobe.

Season three left us on quite the cliffhanger. With everyone set to attend the wedding of Gabriel and Camille, everyone is instead left stunned when, instead of saying “I do,” Camille instead decides not to go through with the wedding and pulls Emily under the bus with her. She openly accuses Emily and Gabriel of still harboring feelings for one another, right in front of Emily’s new beau, Londoner Alfie. Alfie leaves, Emily doesn’t follow fast enough, and a confused and upset Gabriel is left to tell Emily that the reason the two of them were going to marry so quickly is because Camille is pregnant.

Of course, then, we need to know what happens next. The fourth season was announced back in January 2022, but despite having been planned and in the works for some time now, the release date has been put on hold due to the WGA and now the SAG-AFTRA strikes as well. Back in June it was reported that filming was set to start towards the end of summer/beginning of fall (via Variety), but with no one knowing how long it the strikes will last, it’s hard to say if they will be able to keep on target for this.

Netflix set out to calm our concern for the show a month ago when they released a video of Lily Collins, who plays Emily, telling us that the fourth season was still happening, and dropping some hints as to what we can expect. The fourth season will not just feature the beautiful city of Paris but also see Emily heading to Rome as well (is an Italian fling on the cards?).

Actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Emily’s demanding and stylish boss, spoke to Variety at the Kering Women in Motion dinner, saying that she knows nothing about what is ahead:

“I can’t tell you anything. You know Darren Starr never tells us anything so we absolutely don’t know what’s going to happen… I don’t know anything, plus there is a strike you’re aware right? So we don’t know anything.”

Emily in Paris first debuted on the streaming platform at the height of the pandemic back in Oct. 2020. With all of us locked down in some way or another, we watched as Emily sauntered around “gay Paris;” taking in the sights, making new friends, discovering new lovers, and bringing her own “American” flair to her job at the marketing firm, Savoir. The series has become a firm hit on Netflix, despite angering the citizens of the very city they were trying to show off. One such resident; Julie Seguin, 27, told NBC News, “It was worse than cliché, it felt like it was Americans mocking French people.” This hasn’t stopped the show from consistently landing in the Top 10 in numerous countries, including France.

So with the strikes ongoing, we don’t know when exactly we will be returning to Paris with Emily, or taking a holiday to Rome. We just want to know, will she and Gabriel finally be together? While you patiently wait for answers, there are alternatives to keep you entertained.

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