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The Flash is now in theaters and, unfortunately for Warner Bros, also all over the internet. We won’t go into specifics, save to say that there are a lot of clips from the movie on social media that clearly come from a pirate cam version. This means it’s all hands on deck for the Warner Bros’ copyright strike team, who are hard at work making sure that every unofficial video of The Flash is scrubbed from social media as fast as possible.

This is effectively a game of high-speed whac-a-mole, though an unintended consequence seems to be that clips that aren’t even from The Flash are also getting deleted. It’s safe to say fans aren’t happy with these scorched-earth tactics:

We’re left to only imagine what the Flash might be doing to some poor baby:

We can understand why they’re doing it, but let’s face it, it’s not a good look:

We can’t deny we’re curious to see the reactions over opening weekend:

These are a big selling point of the movie and if people think they look underwhelming…

Not an unreasonable assumption:

When the dust settles on The Flash we suspect it’ll primarily be remembered for its genuinely jaw-droppingly bad CGI. Given how long the movie has been in production we were shocked at just how bad some sequences looked. A common criticism is that VFX can look like an older video game, though in this instance it’s one hundred percent accurate, and the defense that it’s supposed to look like that doesn’t hold much water.

The Flash is now in theaters.


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