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Just two weeks ago, the game show community was undoubtedly flipped upside down after it was announced that longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is retiring from the show. Given that Sajak has been the show’s primary host for over 40 seasons, it’s clear that the ever-popular game show will experience significant changes — including the recent announcement that Ryan Seacrest will be replacing Sajak as host.

Fans online have since been scratching their heads and puzzled as to why Vanna White — the long-standing hostess of the show — was not selected to become the new host. Not only that, but fans around the country are understandably irate after learning that White, who has truly become a staple of the game show, hasn’t received a pay increase in nearly two decades.

Due to the lack of pay increase, White has reportedly hired attorney Bryan Freedman, citing that “a possible gender discrimination” is the reason behind White not receiving a raise in almost twenty years.

How much does White make on Wheel of Fortune?

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As it stands, reported that White earns $3 million annually for her work on Wheel of Fortune. On the other side of the bruised coin, Forbes reported back in 2016 that co-host Pat Sajak earns $15 million a year for his work on the game show — a fact that undoubtedly gives White some serious room for disagreement.

Despite the noticeable difference in pay between the two hosts, Celebrity Net Worth reports that White’s net worth is $85 million, while Sajak’s net worth is $75 million. Nevertheless, the two hosts have remained extremely fond of each other over the years, and even wished each other well in separate Twitter posts.

But with Seacrest set to join the show for its 42nd season, here’s hoping that a new deal is discussed and eventually worked out for White, who is extremely deserving of a pay increase after decades of work on the game show which has remained in the public spotlight for a long while now.


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