THE UNSEEN (2023) Supernatural Horror Reviews and Trailer

THE UNSEEN (2023) Supernatural Horror Reviews and Trailer

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“Seeing is deceiving”
The Unseen is a 2023 American supernatural mystery horror film about a law student who finds himself in a twisted web of murder and deception brought about by a dark force from his past.

Directed by Vincent Shade – who is making his directorial debut – from a screenplay written by Jennifer A. Goodman.

The Lakefront Pictures-Shady Mills Productions film stars RJ Mitte, Christian Stolte, William Mark McCullough, Jennifer A. Goodman, Rebekah Kennedy, Candice Rose, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, Ava Bianchi, Sue Cremin and John Victor Allen.

Plot Synopsis:
Tommy Olson (RJ Mitte) reviews things. He can’t figure out what it is, just like what he told the police that one fateful night this fatal accident happened. Tommy can’t help but think that darkness has followed him since that night, and that there’s someone moving in the shadows with every step he takes. Maybe that’s why he’s not doing so well in law school. That, or the fact that his father, the brilliant former defense attorney Dan Olson, is also his teacher. Exhausted by the pressures of his mother, his two sisters at home, and his father’s bullying at school, he graduates and strives to forge his own path. Tommy thinks the only way to measure up is to push himself to join a law firm separate from his father’s connections, under the prying eyes of his family. But a dark force surrounds the Midwestern suburb and people from its past who are pronounced dead by a mysterious killer, who randomly tracks them down. Visions of premonitions of death grow stronger as Tommy begins his first day at the new law firm. Tommy meets Olivia and it was a welcome romantic interest that takes him away from the chaos of his life. The sparks between them are quickly extinguished by blood-soaked memories unlocking in his mind. Tommy must decide whether to share these visions with her or keep it a secret. He can’t help but feel like he’s being pushed into a grim puzzle that he doesn’t want to put together because he might just be the last piece.


” …Vincent Shade’s first film, the unseen tries to combine supernatural horror with a mystery thriller, and it fails spectacularly on both counts. Written by Jennifer A. Goodman, who also produces and stars in a supporting role, the film’s stilted script and contrived plot points are only made worse by poor acting, even though there are at least least a familiar face among the cast of this sad straight-to-cheap streaming. 20% [2 out of 5]Culture Spectrum

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Release date:
In the USA, the unseen was released on VOD on June 30, 2023.

Ignore the obviously false 10/10 review on IMDb.

Original title:
The curse

Cast and characters:
RJ Mitte … Tommy Olson
Christian Stolte … Doctor Philip Gunderson
William Mark McCullough…Dan Olson
Jennifer A. Goodman … Lindsay Olson
Rebecca Kennedy … Milly
Candice Rose … Kristen Jude
Kimberly Michelle Vaughn … Olivia
Ava Bianchi … Kali Olson
Sue Cremin … Meredith Olson
John Victor Allen … Sheriff Evans
Jessica Bannon … the party girl Jess
Lacianne Career … Party Girl Stacy
Sarah Charipar
Martin Davis … Kevin Teel
Sarab Kamoo … Professor Patel
Lori Langvis … Barbara Sims
Tyler Malloy … Young Tommy Olson
Oscar Mansky … Bryce
Erin Marie Tulley … Law student Kelsey
Jeremy Warner … Nurse James
Jeff Zarinelli … Officer Stephens

Technical specifications:
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1

$700,000 (estimated)

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