The Terrifying | 50 B-Movies – The Sequel – Bigger – Better – Badder

The Terrifying |  50 B-Movies – The Sequel – Bigger – Better – Badder

This week on the B-movie record is The Terrifying (2016)

Hello good people. And welcome to 50 B Movies: The Sequel. It’s bigger, better and meaner. The original 50 b movies covered a wide range of B movies. There was everything from Acknowledgments 3 For The void. Some movies were funny. Some were unintentionally funny. And some were mainstream with distant concepts like zombie tigers. All in all, it was a hell of a list.

Why make a sequel? Because narrowing down a list of 50 must-see B-movies before you die was tough. With so many movies to watch, you can never really know if the movie is good. Sure, sometimes 5 minutes later you know it’s a real stink. Other times it may take half an hour before they realize they will never get that half hour back in their life. Poof. Gone. But overall, there are plenty of great B movies that weren’t on the original list.

So welcome if you are an LRM reader and welcome if this is your first time here. Be warned, we’re going deep into the bush to shoot these B-movies. We’re not going to rehash anyone’s previous list of 50, 100, or 1000 B-movies. No. So get ready for 50 B-Movies You Must See Before You Die: The Sequel. Bigger. Better. Nastier. Yeah yeah.

WEEK 19 – The Terrifying (2016)

A terrible joke. Two girls are sitting in a restaurant when a clown comes in and takes a seat at the table. Wait. Have you heard this one?


the terrifying follows two young women, Tara and Dawn, who encounter a menacing and sadistic clown named Art at their party. After a disturbing encounter with Art at a local pizzeria, the women find themselves pursued and tormented by the deranged clown throughout the night. As Art unleashes her sadistic tendencies, the women must fight for their lives and face the horrifying reality of the nightmare they find themselves trapped in. The film explores themes of terror, survival, and the dark depths of human depravity.


If you’re looking for a wild ride that will make you laugh, cringe, and question your sanity, the terrifying is like a nightmarish comedy show with a sadistic twist! Enjoy.


The blood in the terrifying is a visceral eruption of blood-soaked madness that leaves you both repulsed and mesmerized. Limbs are torn with grotesque splendor and crimson arcs of carnage spray across the screen. The practical effects work is a twisted symphony of the grotesque, with every wound and mutilation worked out in minute detail. It’s a sadistic ballet of brutality, pushing the limits of what the human eye can endure. This is not for the faint of heart, my friends. Get ready to witness a torrential downpour of gore that will sully your psyche long after the credits roll. All in all, I think Pinhead could have a protege. Have you ever seen The Cut In Half Illusion minus the Wizard box?

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What sets the terrifying besides the countless B-movie clones, there’s his bold dedication to practical effects. The gore on display is a feast for the eyes, a glorious homage to the glory days of splatter cinema. From beheadings to dismemberment, each gruesome moment is meticulously crafted, leaving no doubt that the blood flowing through those veins is genuinely crimson.


the terrifying revels in its B-movie status, embracing the inherent flaws that come with the territory. But in its imperfections hides a captivating charm that draws you into its twisted world. It’s a movie that begs to be seen, an essential addition to any B-movie lover’s collection.

So, my friends, I implore you to step out of the shadows, to embrace the madness that awaits you. the terrifying is a sadistic gem, a jubilant descent into the heart of darkness that reminds us of the raw power of cinema. Add it to your list of 50 B-movies to see before you die and get ready for a harrowing journey through the bloody annals of horror history.


Directed by Damien Leone, the terrifying is a love letter to the bloody carnage of yesteryear. It revels in its B-movie roots, unabashedly embracing genre-defining exploitation and excess. Leone’s direction is unwavering in its commitment to shock and disturb, delivering a barrage of gruesome kills that would make even the toughest of horror aficionados squirm.


Art Le Clown and his many victims.

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