The ‘Secret Invasion’ finale cursed Marvel with a forever unresolvable plot hole unless it Goose-punches Emilia Clarke

The ‘Secret Invasion’ finale cursed Marvel with a forever unresolvable plot hole unless it Goose-punches Emilia Clarke

There are many things about Secret Invasion that challenge the sanctity of logic — we are currently at 12 plus one more after a bonkers confirmation. Though most of these either ended with the series or have little or no effect on the overarching Phase Five and beyond, the finale not only managed to be an eyesore worse than MCU’s worst but has given the MCU a permanent plot hole that will haunt all its upcoming shows and films. 

It goes without saying that the final episode was haphazardly put together, especially that final fight scene where Emilia Clarke’s G’iah and Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Gravik were non-sensically given the powers of almost all the superbeings in the MCU. So, we can overlook careless mistakes like Hulk’s shorts and Ebony Maws’ rings somehow being part of the DNA soup the duo took and even forget how the two Skrulls instantly knew how to use their newfound powers. 

But what about the fact that G’iah walked away from the fight, not only as the winner but also as the most powerful being in the whole wide universe? She is not merely a Super Skrull, she is super EVERYTHING at this point. From here on, nothing can faze her. She has Extremis and Hulk’s regenerative powers — confirming the Hulk is anything but “smart” — and a zillion other superpowers, of which we have only seen a fraction. 

Emilia Clarke as G'iah in 'Secret Invasion'
Screenshot via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

She can beat anyone and anything — Thanos, his whole army, Kang, and probably turn The Council of Kangs into dust. Her very existence renders the presence of any and every superhero and supervillain moot — she is the one-man army, whether she decides to be on the side of right or wrong. 

Seeing that so far, she appears to have morals, let’s say she is a superhero. So, from now on, whenever a major threat looms over Earth, even in solo superhero films, the only frustrated query will be “Why didn’t they just call G’iah?” as with the truckload of powers she has, she can end any fight in seconds, saving countless lives in the process. 

The same logic applies if she turns into a villain because who stands even the remotest chance against her? Not even Captain Marvel, who, mind you, couldn’t hold back Thanos by herself. By absurdly giving her all the major powers in the MCU, the studio has created an impossibility whose effects it will continue to feel… unless it retcons how powerful G’iah is.

How can the MCU resolve this Emilia Clarke plot hole?

Emilia Clarke as G'iah in Secret Invasion
Photo via Marvel Studios

Remember how the story of how Fury got the eye patch was changed? He initially recalled getting it from someone he trusted the most. We also saw an old picture of him with Alexander Pierce with a bald head and two intact eyes. But in Captain Marvel, it is revealed that it was Goose who damaged the young Fury’s (with a head full of hair) eye.

It was not one of Marvel’s drastic retcons — nothing like twisting seven years of Rhodey’s storyline — but it did alter things by minutely changing the backstory. Similarly, in the case of G’iah, Marvel can simply say that as the powers were acquired indirectly — from the person who originally got them — their impact is not as strong or long-lasting, which would also explain how Gravik managed to snap out of G’iah’s Mantis-sleep command.

But as Marvel is currently in the mood of making up its path as it goes, instead of planning in advance, don’t expect this particular plot hole to get a swift resolution before Carol, Monica, and Kamala go up against the Kree in The Marvels while the way to end the fight in a second already exists.

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