The new Captain America won’t be as quick to fight, says Anthony Mackie

The new Captain America won’t be as quick to fight, says Anthony Mackie

The new Captain America won’t be as quick to fight, says actor Anthony Mackie. Mackie stars as Sam Wilson in the MCU, and his first film as the new Captain America, The best of worlds filmed recently. Talk with Reverse recently, Mackie explained how his Captain America would handle things. Sounds boring!

Can’t lie, on the outside it looks duller than the Cape we had before. However, I guess it will all be in the execution.

“It’s more about his ability to connect and advise,” Mackie says of his Captain America. “He’s not as reckless to bear arms as Steve Rogers was. Having a super serum makes you unbeatable, so your answer to everything is to fight. Whereas Sam Wilson can actually die quite easily.

“He definitely has the ability, not to manipulate, but to understand someone’s shortcomings. Give them words of encouragement so they don’t have to act. Physical appearance is the last resort.

“He realized that his ability is not to forcefully change the world; it’s about empowering people and giving them the recognition they deserve so they can make a difference,” says Mackie. “I can walk around and beat people up all day; it won’t matter. These people will come right back and do the same shit.

“[Brave New World] picks up pretty much right after that,” he adds, “with Sam back in the fold of, How do I fit into this superhero world?

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I mean, I get it, but I don’t know if I’m going to have fun with it either. Such a difficult role to assume. I never liked Cap in the comics, he bored me, sorry Cap fans. However, like everyone else, I loved the Evans MCU version of Cap and his moral center was key to making the Avengers work. Sam’s Cap can definitely play a similar role, but at the same time I also liked that Cap was stuck up and had superpowers. He was never the strongest or the fastest, but he could do it all day.

I still think I would have preferred Sam’s Cap choosing not to use his powers due to what he saw of John Walker than not having them at all. I would have finished FATWS with someone injecting Sam against his will, so he’s stuck despite not wanting to. It’s a great position, because he never sought power like the others did. I know a lot of Marvel fans disagree with me, so I have to accept that it’s very subjective.

I think that sounds a bit boring. However, what do you think as Anthony Mackie says his Captain America won’t be as quick to fight? Thoughts below as always.

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