The Marvels Trailer Teases Cool Sci-Fi Looks

The Marvels Trailer Teases Cool Sci-Fi Looks

The latest trailer of Marvel Studios’ upcoming film The Marvels has dropped and is slated for release on November 10. While Brie Larson is reprising her role as Carol Danvers, newcomers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Teyonah Parris and Iman Vellani will be performing as Captain Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan, also known as Miss Marvel, respectively.

The Marvels is one of the first to include a female-led supergroup, as the unlikely trio Carol, Monica, and Kamala are forced to join forces and fight a looming cosmic threat, Zawe Ashton’s villain Dar-Benn. Given these new characters, there are plenty of changes made across the set to fit the theme of scientific fiction (sci-fi) and cosmic power — all of which are where the characters are interlinked. This extends to the character clothes, where the MCU characters get a stylistic makeover.

New Marvel Suits For Old And Rising Heroes

Of the upcoming main cast of characters, Captain Marvel is the oldest in terms of MCU exposure. So unsurprisingly, she has undergone many changes in her look. One of the most noticeable changes is her hairstyle, which has switched from her shoulder-length hair to her pixie cut and back. But Larson also wears a new suit in the upcoming movie The Marvels. While it resembles her classic Captain Marvel look, the trailer reveals some notable differences in her costume. The blue and red colors are significantly dulled down and are darker, blending the coloring closer together. In addition, the Kree logo on her chest is much bigger than her previous outfits— looking much like the suit from a character from the comics named Genis-Vell, a genetically-enhanced Kree super-soldier.

Not only does Captain Marvel sport a new suit, but Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan likewise don new costumes. The latter wears the upgraded suit that is more stylized than the homemade version made by the character in the previous TV show. On the other hand, Monica boasts two different costumes reminiscent of the comics – where Monica’s hero’s name was Spectrum – as it’s colored black and white. However, these outfits are often not set in stone and may be subject to change as the franchise progresses.

Sunglasses Are Surprisingly Important

While the MCU has set eyewear as an iconic part of Tony Stark’s arsenal, sunglasses have also played an essential accessory for other characters — including the characters in The Marvels. Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers sported luxury sunglasses during her days as an Air Force pilot, offering her stylish construction as well as functional polarized lenses for multiple environments. This design is derived from the popular Ray-Ban Aviators, designed to protect pilots from the sun’s harsh rays. Interestingly, Kamala Khan also wore aviators in the Ms. Marvel TV show when she had to take her driver’s license test— serving as a callback to Captain Marvel’s beginnings.

Another pair that continues to play a critical role in the MCU is Stark’s high-tech sunglasses that controlled E.D.I.T.H. (Even Dead I’m The Hero), which enables users to access the entire Stark Industries network. In Spiderman: Far From Home, the glasses briefly fell into the wrong hands before eventually being confiscated by Damage Control. While the glasses were not explicitly seen in Ms. Marvel TV show, the combat drones seen in the Spiderman film were also present— implying that Damage Control used the E.D.I.T.H. sunglasses to facilitate capture.

Fashion may be one of the last things in mind when considering Marvel Studio, but there may be deeper meaning behind the chosen hero designs and the tools they use. These cool sci-fi looks may change, so looking out for the details in the next trailer drop may tell us more about what’s next for these MCU installments.

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