The Marvels: Post-Credit SPOILER Appears – Tease Young Avengers | Buzz at the bar

The Marvels: Post-Credit SPOILER Appears – Tease Young Avengers |  Buzz at the bar

THE Buzz at the bar say that Wonders took a drug test this weekend. Now we have reports that Wonders will have DISCLOSURE show up to tease a Young Avengers project in a post-credits scene. Before I mention the name, a final warning for anyone who might be against the spoiler. I can’t say it’s 100% legit, but it’s a rumor I’ve now seen from a few sources over the weekend, so it probably is.

Potential post-credit SPOILERS for The Marvels!

According to rumours, Wonders will see Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) introduce herself and meet Kamala Khan. From what I’ve heard, while trying to avoid story spoilers, this is a big tease that Young Avengers is definitely happening at some point.. Although to be fair, unless you haven’t watched any Marvel content since End of Gameyou should already see these teases for the future.

After test screenings, we tend to get plot leaks. On Reddit there is a huge plot summary, which I had to try to avoid while covering this little point. My policy is not to spoil the plot before a release. However, the link above has a detailed plot summary of the movie, I don’t know if it’s legit, but it probably is, so be warned! This includes the other, more plot-specific post-credit scene.

The leak says Kamala Khan is narrating in the movie and at the end we find out it was Kate Bishop who she was talking to, purple suit and all. Kamala appears to be trying to recruit Kate, Nick Fury-style, and mentions to Kate that Ant-Man also has a daughter.

Although he previously said that there was no Young Avengers expected, it is clear that there are. This scene could be deleted I guess before Wonders exits ? However, if that’s not the case, surely Disney can’t continue to deny what they’ve done. Young Avengers?

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I don’t know if we’re getting a Disney+ movie or series, but you can bet your paycheck that one happens. Personally, I think a Young Avengers A TV series would be a better fit than a movie, at least to start with. A show gives you time to meet the characters and then get to know each other, etc. I mean we all know they won’t work well together to begin with and then form a great team to save the day in the end because that’s just the formula for this type of story. Therefore, a TV show will allow more time to really get into the characters than a movie.

Just my own thoughts, so your guess is as good as mine. Young Avengers happens through people.

What do you think of this last one Buzz at the bar This Wonders will have SPOILERS [Kate Bishop] show up to tease a Young Avengers project in one of the post-credits scenes? Thoughts below.

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