You read that right, Henry Cavill‘s Superman will feature in The Flash, after all — sorta. It’s well-known by now that the long-awaited movie will see the Man of Steel’s role in the DCEU universe replaced with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, thanks to the time-unraveling actions of Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster, but Clark Kent’s absence from proceedings never sat right with fans given that we’re getting two Batmen (Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck).

The snub felt particularly mean-spirited given that Calle recently admitted that Cavill only had nice things to say about the film. Thanks to the latest promo for The Flash, though, at least we can now say that the Last Son of Krypton will get some kind of representation in this grand finale to the SnyderVerse. See for yourself by checking out the international teaser trailer above.

The trailer begins with a clip featuring Miller’s Barry Allen witnessing a news bulletin playing on a TV, which reads “Volcano erupts in Guatemala.” Thankfully, the situation is being contained by a certain red and blue hero using his heat vision to combat the lava flow. Catch the relevant moment here:

By the sounds of it, this tiny glimpse of a CGI Supes is likely to be our only taste of Cavill’s Kal-El in The Flash, but, hey, at least he’s in there somewhere. And, remember, thanks to some surprisingly spoilery comments from director Andy Muschietti, we already know that another incarnation of Superman from across the multiverse is due to appear, as played by a very familiar face. Still, once again, we’re begging James Gunn to stop these cameo-busting promos once his DCU era properly begins.

The Flash races into theaters very soon, on June 16.


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