THE CURSE OF AMITYVILLE (2023) Tubi Original Reviews

THE CURSE OF AMITYVILLE (2023) Tubi Original Reviews

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The Curse of Amityville is a 2023 American horror film in which a group of friends purchase an infamous house with the intention of flipping it, only to discover a deadly paranormal presence emanating from within the house.

Directed by Éric Tessier from a screenplay written by Dennis Heaton, based on the 1981 novel by Hans Holzer. Executive produced by Alexandra Holzer, Kaleigh Kavanagh, Graham Ludlow, Brook Peters and Shari Segal.

The Incendo Productions film stars Brendan Fehr, Ennis Esmer, Jenny Raven, Dillon Casey, Vanessa Smythe, Mercedes Morris, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Michael Xavier, Kenny Wong, Jennifer Miller and Felicia Shulman.

“Directed by Eric Tessier and written by Dennis Heaton (who also wrote Fido), it’s actually very good. But seriously, at this point in the game, if you’re doing an Amityville movie, you have to be more than fine. You have to recoup whatever this deductible is – is it even a deductible? – is and becomes absolutely wild. B&S on movies

“To be fair, the original version of The Curse of Amityville, which is also on Tubi, is a boring, immemorial affair that even Kim Coates couldn’t bring to life, so it’s not about desecrating a classic. But it’s disheartening that they couldn’t improve on it either, it’s not like the bar is set very high and the material certainly has the potential to be an entertaining, trashy movie in the style of Amityville: Possession.” 1.5 out of 5, Voice from the balcony


Cast and characters:
Brendan Fehr … Doctor Harrison Cole
Ennis Esmer … Reverend Marion
Jenny Raven… Lucy Davis
Dillon Casey … Frank Winfield
Vanessa Smythe … Debbie Klein
Mercedes Morris … Billie Montenouvo
Tommie-Amber Pirie … Abigail Blaine
Michael Xavier … Marv Sharpe
Kenny Wong … Ben Holloway
Jennifer Miller … Detective
Felicia Shulman … Mrs. Moriarty

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