The collective trailer has a rookie assassin taking out a human trafficking syndicate

The collective trailer has a rookie assassin taking out a human trafficking syndicate

Collective maybe a 90s retro action movie.

It features plenty of non-stop action, fight choreography, and nasty villains.

The film stars Lucas up (MacGyver, X-Men: Apocalypse), Ruby Rose (Orange is the new black, John Wick: Chapter 2), Mercedes Varnado (The Mandalorian), Paul Ben-Victor (Thread, The Irishman), Tyrese Gibson (x fast, Transformers) and Don Johnson (miami vice, Knives out). Tom DeNucci (Skip, Johnny and Clyde) directed the film from the screenplay written by Jason James and Matthew Rogers.

Here is the official synopsis:

A group of righteous assassins called The Collective take on a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring backed by a ring of untouchable billionaires. With their backs to the wall, The Collective has no choice but to entrust their most important mission to rookie assassin Sam Alexander.

Although the storyline seems a bit formulaic of a rookie mission taking on overwhelming odds against other assassins. Nonetheless, these types of movies are popcorn-based entertainment; we can just turn off the lights and enjoy the number of casualties.

Collective is in theaters, on demand, and available digitally on August 4.

Watch the trailer for Collective below. Let us know what you think of the trailer.

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