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Actor James Marsden is sharing insight into his most iconic role to date, himself, as he discusses his latest project Jury Duty during an interview with Variety’s Making a Scene series. 

For context, Marsden has played in over 80 projects consisting of television shows and films within his 30-year career. The star’s most recognized work includes X-Men, The NotebookEnchantedHairspray, HopThe LoftThe Best of MeWestworld, the Boss Baby franchise, and many more. Despite his success over the years, Marsden continues to surprise fans with his acting versatility by taking on unpredictable roles. 

To date, the 49-year-old is currently portraying what appears to be an altered version of herself in Freevee’s hit series Jury Duty. The documentary’s overall concept is to make internet personality Ronald Gladden believe that he was part of an actual trial and doing his due diligence by coming to jury duty even though everyone in the courtroom is a hired actor and the trial is staged. In a June 14 interview with Variety’s Making a Scene series, Marsden revealed that the character he created for himself on the show is nothing like how he is in real life. He told the outlet:

“The character I created on the show is so much more interesting that the real James Marsden.”

Further into the discussion, the Sonic the Hedgehog star opened up about why he felt this role was a bit challenging compared to others aid how he overcame the difficulties. Marsden disclosed that it was a strenuous experience because he had to play an altered version of himself for hours on end each day. Another factor that contributed to Marsden’s concerns was that he, alongside his co-stars, wanted to be able to complete the task at hand while also being genuinely funny.  

“I never want to be the actor who says that acting is hard but this process itself was draining because you’re having to be on for five to six hours a day and you’re not breaking character. There’s a balancing act from the beginning to the end like one am I being funny? Two, more importantly am I doing anything to screw this up. I think we’re all in pins and needles trying to make sure that we got him [Ronald Gladden] to the finish line.”

The 27 Dresses star wrapped up his statement by sharing that he overcame the difficulties by writing in a journal and coming up with lines to specific scenarios that could occur with Gladden. He said,

“Then, I’ll go home and write a journal about like alright if he does this then this would be funny to say or if he says this this would be a funny thing for Morrison to say or do. So I felt that I was armed and ready.”

All eight episodes of Jury Duty are now streaming on Freevee.


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