SUBSPECIES V: BLOOD RISE (2023) Full Moon vampire prequel reviews

SUBSPECIES V: BLOOD RISE (2023) Full Moon vampire prequel reviews

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Subspecies V: Blood Rise is a 2023 horror film that chronicles Radu’s descent from a noble warrior to a depraved creature of the night.

Written and directed by Ted Nicolaou. Produced by Charles Band, Seager Dixon, Milos Djukelic, Vladimir Dukelic, Matt Manjourides, Justin A. Martell and Ivana Panic.

The American-Romanian film Charles Band Productions-Red Production stars Anders Hove, Denice Duff, Kevin Spirtas, Stasa Nikolic, Yulia Graut, Petar Arsic, Olivera Perunicic, Marko Filipovic and Jakov Marjanovic.

Stolen by crusaders the night of his birth, Radu has no knowledge of his lineage: his mother is a demon; her father is a vampire. Trained and harnessed by a brotherhood of mystical monks to slay all enemies of the church, fate brings him back to his father’s castle one night, armed with the sword of monster-slaying Laertes, to destroy the vampire Vladislaus and recover a holy relic: The Bloodstone.

The events of that night transform Radu from a noble man into a masterless vampire, setting him on a centuries-old quest for sustenance and companionship, for the traitor who stole him from the sun, and for the bloodstone that he hopes. bring him peace…


“…the movie has some of the best performances I’ve seen in a Full Moon movie. Anders Hove is just as sinister as before, but he’s also shown to be somewhat sympathetic and successful. Denice Duff is excellent as Helena, who looks great for her age and manages to be seductive and manipulative. The dynamic she and Hove have is a complete reversal of their relationship in the previous films, and it works. 90%, cinema enthusiast

“At a lean 80 minutes, Subspecies V: Blood Rise barely has time to breathe and explore its gripping storylines. Ultimately it tries to do too much and ends up somewhat unresolved with too many unanswered questions. […] It looks like an appetizer to a larger main course, although it’s quite satisfying. 3.5 out of 5, Horror DNA

“While the inclusion of Tre’s origin story was somewhat unexpected, given the extensive exploration of the story in previous films, it adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. […] From Radu’s signature long fingers to heart-pounding sword fights and, of course, the over-the-top vampiric nudity that originally appealed to deviant little kids like me, the movie doesn’t disappoint. Uncut Horror Movies

Subspecies V is a watchable but (sub)standard vampire movie that makes you wonder why it took 25 years to make…this. You rarely get bored, but maybe they should have taken another 25 years to do something really scary. 2.5 out of 5, Hub Pages

“…it sounds like a more grown-up version of Interview with a Vampire and certainly, under Ted’s creative mind, matches the quality. The climax of course, teases the first film, and perhaps any others that may be formed to bridge the gap between […] The actors are chosen correctly. They all breathe life and feelings into their characters. Separate cinema



Location scouting video by Ted Nicolau:

Cast and characters:
Anders Hove … Radu Vladislas
Denice Duff … Helen
Kevin Spirtas … Prince Vladislaus
Stasa Nikolic … Ariel
Yulia Graut … Circe
Petar Arsic … Marius
Olivera Perunicic … Diana
Marko Filipovic… Ashes
Jakov Marjanovic … Stefan

Filming locations :

Technical specifications:

The film was part of the studio’s Deadly Ten project, “a bold new experiment in making interactive feature films”. The production of several films has been delayed due to the global health crisis and three of the announced titles – Hourglass, The Curse of ShadowHeart And The Sinister Rapper – have not yet been put into production.

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