Starfield – Forza Motorsport – Clockwork Revolution Trailer: Xbox Showcase Highlights

Starfield – Forza Motorsport – Clockwork Revolution Trailer: Xbox Showcase Highlights

Check star field, Forza Motorsport And mechanical revolution trailer below. All three were highlights for me of the Xbox showcase from yesterday’s streaming event. While there were many, many games shown, including Star Wars: Outlawthe focus was on showcasing actual gameplay from Xbox first-party games, and more.

The two biggest first-party Xbox/PC exclusives featured during the Xbox showcase were star field And Forza Motorsport. The first from Bethesda, now owned by Xbox, and the second from longtime Xbox studio Turn 10.

Let’s start with the big one.

star field

star field has been in development for what seems like forever. In many ways, star field is the successor of Skyrim, while not being thematically related in any way. It is Bethesda who believes that “anything can happen” Skyrim sandbox and put it in space.

The trailer below is pretty cool and all. However, Bethesda developers also took a deep dive into star field after the Xbox showcase and it was only then that I really started to get a sense of the magnitude of this game.

If you have time, it’s long enough, so here’s this in-depth look at star field and how it actually works and plays. Starfield direct lasts over 45 minutes, so make yourself comfortable before diving into this one.

I have to say I love almost everything I see so far star field. The game looks great and it ticks that space race exploration bug, mixed with storytelling, aliens and resource grinding. The only problem for me with star field is that I feel like it will be a full-time commitment to progress anywhere. I have sometimes found the directionless nature of Skyrim to not always match my mood.

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However, the real problem for me is devoting enough time to star field to make it worth starting. I don’t have a lot of game time, and the majority is occupied by another grindy space shooter in Destiny 2. For me, I should stop playing Destiny 2a game in which I have already put years, a year before it ends to begin star field. But… I’ll get there, eventually. It looks too fun not to try it. If only I was young again.

star field will be released on September 6 and is available from day one for Game Pass subscribers.

Forza Motorsports

Now this is a game I will 100% download on day one. It’s been years since we’ve had a new one Forza game… what is it, Horizon? Look, they might both have the same name, but they’re very, very different games. The last time we had a Forza Motorsport was the launch of the Xbox One. Since then he has been Forza Horizon games every year, or every couple at least.

If I’m honest, I was disappointed with Forza 7, because it just didn’t feel much better than the Xbox 360 games I fell in love with. Maybe it was technically still the best simulator on console, but it’s not feel ‘next generation’. Now the game has been completely rebooted and designed only for the next generation of consoles. Check it out.

All of the images here are in game and they are absolutely stunning. It really feels like a next-gen simulator for the first time. Physics has always been excellent in Forza games and customization. However, the backgrounds on the tracks were still, just a little there. These tracks now feel more alive and we even see a real pit crew changing tires which I hated not having in the last game.

Contrary to star field it’s a game I can play when I feel like something a little different. I can just work at my own pace over a longer period of time. In other words, I can follow my current gaming obsessions And add again Forza Motorsport. I just hope the game really lives up to its quality so far.

I missed you Forza Motorsportwelcome October 10th.

mechanical revolution

mechanical revolution definitely isn’t coming out this year, and there’s not really a whole lot of hype. However, as first-party Xbox games go, this one made me sit up and take notice.

Still, I think the real reason it made me sit up and take notice was the fact that I thought I was watching an early reveal of a new Bioshock game. I mean, if you played Bioshock Infinite before, so tell me this trailer doesn’t steal that game so much.

I think it looks cool, although we need to see real gameplay and not just CGI cutscenes to judge. However, there is no doubt about the many similarities between this and the above. Bioshock Infinite. We could literally call it Bioshock Infinite 2, with this trailer and I’ll believe you.

I’m sure the games and stories will be quite different, but damn it.

There is a Bioshock 4 game in development, and I actually hope the setting is completely new this time around. This game will excite me more than mechanical revolution, but if this game ends up being a decent game, I’ll gladly do so. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that they copied so many ideas from Infinity it’s frightening.

mechanical revolution does not yet have a release date beyond 2024.

What do you think of trailers for star field, Forza Motorsport And mechanical revolution? Those were my highlights from the Xbox Showcase, what were yours? Thoughts below as always.

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