“Star Trek” Director On Those Musical Klingons

“Star Trek” Director On Those Musical Klingons

“Star Trek” Director On Those Musical Klingons

They promised the ninth episode of the current second season of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” would do something very different for “Star Trek,” and it delivered with a musical episode boasting around ten original numbers (along with a brief dash of existing music – namely Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”).

The episode, “Subspace Rhapsody,” is arguably the goofiest “Star Trek” has ever gotten, bordering on “Red Dwarf”-levels of parody, as it incorporates the regulars singing and dancing all due to that old Trek staple – a mysterious anomaly that affects the laws of physics.

But it also ties into character arcs across the season including Nurse Chapel, La’An, Spock, Number One and Pike all getting movement in their personal storylines. Post-release chatter about the episode has heaped praise on cast members like Celia Rose Gooding’s Uhura and Ethan Peck’s Spock for their perfomances, but also has singled out the episode’s grand finale.

The number is a showstopper, with the bridge crew forming a chorus line at one point, whilst they get a hail from a Klingon ship. In a brief sequence, we see several Klingons not doing opera as we know the Klingons do, but rather a boy band-style number.

The episode’s director Dermott Downs, who also helmed “The Flash” musical episode “Duet,” recently spoke with Cinema Blend and said even those involved in the show were concerned the Klingon scene was a step too far:

“There were a couple of people that were nervous that we were jumping the shark with that by having a Klingon do K-Pop. Even shooting it, we were like, ‘Come on, there’s no other way.’

I mean, we’re at the pinnacle of this battle of the bands basically as we’re trying to fight this anomaly with music. So if we have to come together as one, this was kind of the crescendo. You wanted to go that extra step. So, ultimately, everybody saw the reason in that.

It’s certainly a go big or go home moment for the episode, and social media hasn’t been shy about arguing over its merits. The episode in question is now available on Paramount+ in the U.S., Australia and various other territories, along with Amazon Prime Video in other markets.

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