St Kilda Film Festival announces winners

St Kilda Film Festival announces winners

For Australian filmmakers, the St Kilda Film Festival is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals on the short film calendar, with awards such as Best Short not only of incredible career benefit, but also of great value. a cash prize of $10,000.

And without further ado, the 2023 winners have been revealed.

Best Original Score

James Mountain mud crab

Best Achievement in Sound Post-Production

Jared Plant, Yee Lee, Bernard Winter – Embodiment

Best Achievement in Publishing

Tania Take – MYTH

Best Achievement in Screenplay

Neer Shelter Perspectives

Best Achievement in Indigenous Cinema

The Lost Crystals of Jessica’s Room

Best Achievement in Cinematography

Jaclyn Paterson – Mud Crab

Best Young Actor

Lena Nankivell – MYTH

Best actor

Joshua Mehmet – mud crab

Best Animation

tea cups

Best Documentary

Galup VR Experience

Best Director

David Robinson-Smith – mud crab

craftsmanship awards

sugar rush

Best Short Film


Under the Radar – Best Youth Short Film

The Future of Pierrot

The St Kilda Film Festival jury consisted of cinematographer Ellery Ryan, producer Julie Ryan and filmmaker Rhianna Malezer.

“Judging the winners from over 100 local films submitted is pretty much the hardest thing in the whole festival,” said St Kilda Film Festival director Richard Sowada. “The quality of the works this year was as good as anything you would see anywhere on the planet and is a testament to the strength of the Australian screen industry. For the judges and I we are so proud to be associated to all of them. It’s a great honor.

You can see the full list of 2023 nominees on the St Kilda Film Festival website

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