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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse swings into theaters this week and expectations couldn’t be higher. Into the Spider-Verse was a huge critical and commercial success, with its hyper-kinetic and colorful style a stark, albeit refreshing difference from dowdier and moodier live-action superhero fare. The sequel looks set to take that baton and run with it, bringing in way more Spider-people, crazier action, and even more dazzling visuals.

The first reactions are now in on social media, and you may not be surprised to know that everyone’s deeply dippy over Miles Morales’ long-awaited return.

An “amazing achievement”:

“Bold creative choices” and “next-level visuals”? Just hook it to our veins!

Matt Donato (formerly of this very site) says this is “insanely attractive and artistically hypnotic”:

Now this is high praise indeed:

It looks like the only downside is that it’ll leave us hungry for a third entry:

And “literally jaw-dropping” stuff that might be too much for younger fans? Yes please!

We’ve got our tickets for opening night on Thursday and are practically vibrating with excitement after reading all that. At no point did we think that Across the Spider-Verse would be an anticlimax, but Into the Spider-Verse was so good that it’d be a tall order to match its quality. But it certainly sounds like Sony Pictures Animation has delivered the goods and then some.

We’ll be picking through the many Easter Eggs and cameos as soon as Across the Spider-Verse lands, so stay tuned for more.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hits theaters on June 2.


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