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Sometimes, celebrities like to remind fans that they’re not perfect, transcendent beings. They too want to do fun things that look super silly in hindsight. But you know what? They’re human too, so they can do whatever they want as long as no one gets hurt. And that’s exactly what Shakira did with Colombian singer Manuel Turizo on social media recently.

Over on TikTok, Shakira released a video where she and Turizo performed a blindfold party trick. Both attempted to pour their drinks into one glass while blindfolded. They had no help from each other and had to remember where the glass was before their vision was covered. You could say that they were somewhat successful, but Turizo seems to have managed to do a much better job than Shakira.

Don’t be surprised if this video becomes a new TikTok trend. Seeing two celebrities pouring drinks into one glass blindfolded may seem like a fun party challenge, and there might be those who would like to imitate it. At the same time, this video might be a reference to the duo’s latest song called “Copa Vacía“ which translates to “empty cup.”

Fans left comments underneath the videos, claiming that they were happy to see Shakira smile on video and have fun. Meanwhile, those out of the loop wondered if the two were dating. As of writing, they’re not, but some remain hopeful, especially since there was speculation that Copa Vacia might be a diss track against Shakira’s former partner and Spanish football star, Gerard Pique, according to the Daily Mail.

“Copa Vacía” is the first song that the two collaborated on, as Turizo started his music career in 2000 and rose to prominence in 2016 thanks to his single Una Lady Como Tú. Meanwhile, Shakira has been in the industry since the 1990s before she had a huge music breakthrough in 1996.

If you want to listen to Shakira and Turizo’s latest song, “Copa Vacía” available to stream on Spotify.


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