Secret Invasion Episode 2 review: Loved it!

Secret Invasion Episode 2 review: Loved it!

here is my Secret Invasion Episode 2 review and man I have to say I loved it. If you read my review last week of the premiere, you know I liked it, but I didn’t like it. I could see the potential, but I wasn’t sure that potential would be realized. Well episode 2 was head and shoulders above the first one for me. However, as always, it’s based on my tastes as a viewer, are you going to like it? It depends on what floats on your boat.

It’s a NO SPOILERS review folks, so I’m not getting into the plot weeds here.

Will you like this?

The thing with Secret Invasion is that not every Marvel fan can find a home here. So far Secret Invasion played more like an adult spy drama, which is also why I like it. However, if you want more pew pew and superhero poses from all your Marvel consumption, then maybe Secret Invasion is not for you.

There is, I would say, an action sequence in this whole episode and it’s not huge. I didn’t need it anymore because I was completely engaged in the story being told. Jackson’s Nick Fury was a little more reserved in the first episode, but things get worse and we start to see the real Nick Fury who exists in all the hats he wears. Still, some of my favorite scenes this week were simple conversations between Nick and other players. This is a tragedy for me. However, I know it’s not for everyone. I don’t see a 12 year old liking Secret InvasionFor example.


This is where Episode 2 shines for me. We’re starting to get into these characters a bit more and see different sides to them. Last week I wasn’t sure about main antagonist Gravik, but he’s brilliant this week and I thought actor Kingsley Ben-Adir was terrific. Episode 1 he was a bit off and I didn’t understand him yet, but this week his character grows and the performances match.

I already mentioned that Samuel L. Jackson was awesome this week, but so was the rest of the cast we met in Episode 1. line. Coleman was great again and only in one (really good) scene. There are a few other cast members you’ll recognize showing up this week but no spoilers. Cheadle also has 1-2 great scenes this week and I really like this change in Rhodey.

Surprises and sensations

There are a few surprises this week, and a major one occurs at the end of the episode. However, I won’t mention that other than that, I really loved how it was shot and set up earlier. It was also a real surprise because it’s not necessarily something you’d see coming in advance without knowing it.

There are a few Skrull reveals that I guess would be considered surprises, but to be honest they should have been seen from a mile away, and they all make sense depending on the plot of the show. I’m also surprised and impressed how hard they try to keep this while maintain a PG-13 rating. There are some pretty violent moments that are shot well to avoid going over that limit and everything is put together nicely.

I definitely get a more cinematic vibe from Secret Invasion on time. Yet so far the series can also feel claustrophobic when it comes to cutting things down.

Ultimately, it’s up my street as a TV series. While I can’t say the trend will continue, I thought Episode 2 was awesome. I will also say that I appreciate these longer run times because we feel we have time to really develop the plot and the characters rather than one or the other which happens in other shows Marvel.


As always, let me know what you think of my Secret Invasion Review Episode 2 or leave yours in the usual place below.

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