SCOOBY-DOO! AND KRYPTO, TOO! (2023) Preview of DC animated film

SCOOBY-DOO! AND KRYPTO, TOO! (2023) Preview of DC animated film

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Scooby-Doo! and Krypto, Too! is a 2023 American animated film in which DC’s Justice League have mysteriously vanished and a terrifying phantom has taken up residence in The Hall of Justice. Now it’s up to Scooby and the gang, to solve the mystery and save our heroes… with a little help from their new pal Krypto the Superdog!

Directed by Cecilia Aranovich from a screenplay written by T.K. O’Brian. Produced by James Krieg and Rick Morales. Executive produced by Sam Register.

The Hanna-Barbera Productions-Warner Bros. Animation-Warner Brothers Entertainment production features the voice talents of Frank Welker, Matthew Lillard, Grey Griffin, Kate Micucci, P.J. Byrne, Victoria Grace, Charles Halford, Nolan North, Tara Strong, Fred Tatasciore, James Arnold Taylor and Niccole Thurman.

Release date:
Scooby-Doo! and Krypto, Too! will be available on Digital on September 26, 2023, worldwide. Preorder on Amazon


Plot synopsis [contains spoilers]:
With the Justice League’s sudden disappearance, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson investigate the Hall of Justice but are quickly chased out by a phantom, prompting them to call Mystery Incorporated for help. En route to Metropolis, the gang discover that the city is overrun by supervillains as a result of the missing Justice League.

After barely managing to escape to the Daily Planet, they meet up with Lois and Jimmy (who proclaims Daphne as his girlfriend, despite her protests) who explain the phantom situation. As the gang tour the Hall of Justice, they also meet Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves, and Luthor’s dog, Rex.


Suddenly, the phantom appears and attacks the gang, only to be fended off by a mysterious superpowered dog, who initiates a lockdown on the Hall of Justice so they can’t escape. Trapped inside with Luthor and his associates, he introduces the dog to the gang as Krypto, Superman’s pet dog who quickly becomes friends with Scooby-Doo. Continuing their investigation, the gang learn that there are more phantoms in the building.

As Scooby, Shaggy, and Krypto raid the kitchen, the former two accidentally summon holograms of the Legion of Doom. While Scooby and Shaggy distract the holograms, Krypto manages to shut them down, only for the three of them to learn that Solomon Grundy has infiltrated the building. After a long chase from Grundy, Velma figures out who the culprit is and the gang leaves Luthor out of the plan to successfully trap the phantoms.


The culprit is revealed to be Mercy, who reveals that she trapped the Justice League in the Phantom Zone using the projector to take over the Hall of Justice as her very own supervillain headquarters. Before the gang can declare the mystery solved, Luthor suddenly hijacks Mercy’s scheme, explaining that he knew about it all along and used it to cover up his own evil plans to rule Metropolis with an army of robots.

Rex is also revealed to be a robot himself and fights Krypto over the Phantom Zone projector while the gang is preoccupied with Luthor and Mercy’s army. Despite Rex having the advantage with kryptonite in his circuitry, Krypto eventually manages to come out victorious and traps the army using the projector while finally bringing back the Justice League.


Luthor and Mercy are arrested while Solomon Grundy is revealed to have been trying to befriend Scooby, albeit aggressively. With the case closed, Jimmy “breaks up” with Daphne, and Scooby and Krypto share one last snack with the Flash.

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This was the fourth Scooby-Doo project to be apparently cancelled during David Zaslav’s ownership of Warner Bros after Scoob! Holiday Haunt, Scooby-Doo and The Haunted High Rise and Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery Pups. It was one of the tax write-offs on the projects Warner Bros. Discovery didn’t see as lucrative enough.

In March 2023, like Popeye, the whole cancelled movie in its finished form was leaked online. On July 26, 2023, it was revealed on Twitter that the movie was going to be released after all and that a trailer would be posted online the following day.

Frank Welker … Scooby-Doo/Fred Jones
Matthew Lillard … Shaggy Rogers
Grey Griffin … Daphne Blake/Wonder Woman
Kate Micucci … Velma Dinkley
P.J. Byrne … J.B
Victoria Grace … Mercy
Charles Halford … Lex Luthor
Nolan North … The Joker/Superman
Tara Strong … Helen/Lois Lane/Harley Quinn
Fred Tatasciore … Solomon Grundy/Perry White
James Arnold Taylor … Jimmy Olsen/Rex Ruthor
Niccole Thurman … Mayor Fleming

Technical specs:
Audio: DTS Dolby Digital Stereo Dolby Atmos Dolby
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1/16:9 HD

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