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Rihanna stepped on the stage at Super Bowl LVII dressed in red, looking like a gem, and her belly definitely showed that she was indeed with child. What is this new message about and why?

Of course, it’s a good message. Every teenage kid needs to be sat down and taught the value of having condoms because as everyone knows, they’re going to be having sex. There is a strong argument for abstinence but let’s be real here. So, Rihanna wanted to spread the message and hopefully, it does get through to the people who need to hear it.

The twisted part about it is, she just had a child. RZA Athelston Mayersj was born last year and is still in the biting stage, eating, crying, pooping, wiping, and sleeping. A$AP Rocky is the proud father and this baby has a great life ahead.

Here’s the kicker! She’s pregnant again! She is having another child with A$AP Rocky as she’s currently sporting her new pregnant look in recent photos as she chills with snow cones in Barbados.

So, what is Rihanna trying to say to her fans, dancing suggestively in an oversized T-shirt bearing the message “Use a CONDOM?” Does this seem like a mixed message here or what?

One fan by the name of Jen Jen says, “Too late for that message lol” while another by the name of Vanessa simply stated “Wooooow.”

Of course, her fans showed up to defend her and let everyone know how gorgeous she is in all forms. It can’t be argued really. She is absolutely stunning in anything that she does. That’s not really the point though.

What are her fans supposed to get from this?

Who we’re talking about here is the Barbadian artist who despite having not released an album for years has broken a record on Spotify for 10 songs that have been streamed over a billion times each. With a net worth of over $1 billion, she doesn’t have to worry about anything more in her life.

She can afford a nanny to take care of her babies. So, her fans need to pay attention if they’re not ready for a child. It’s a good message. It just hits a little different coming from her.


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