Paramount is ‘promoted’ as it leaves Netflix in the dust with its latest streaming verdict

Paramount is ‘promoted’ as it leaves Netflix in the dust with its latest streaming verdict
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Picture via Paramount Plus

Paramount More maybe years before giving netflix competition in terms of subscribers, it has so far dethroned the latter in a way that dominates the heated debates.

Yesterday, Paramount Plus joined the dozens of streamers and channels in giving the beloved shows a start and canceling them Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Star Trek: Prodigy, The gameAnd queen of the universe. But what added insult to injury was the announcement that all of these shows would also be completely removed from the platform, meaning the shows will not be available anywhere they can be legally watched. .

Disney Plus made a similar decision a few weeks ago where original shows were removed followed by a Marvel series from its library without notice. But while the streamer only recently faced backlash for cutting the LGBTQ+ show Willow, Netflix has faced anger for some time as it continues to remove shows with queer representation Warrior Nun, Uncoupled, The Society, First Kill, Fate: the Winx Saga, etc

But Paramount’s decision to cancel Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies And queen of the universe serves as a reminder that Netflix is ​​marginally better because it at least didn’t remove canceled shows from its library. While Queen of the Universe, a series of drag queen competitions, has its good number of followers, it is The Rise of the Pink Ladies getting pushed around that aroused the most anger.

The Rise of the Pink Ladies concluded the airing of the last episode of its first season on June 1, 2023 and was canceled the same month, i.e. Pride Month.

Paramount Plus has often been praised for being the hope of LGBTQ+ shows. For many, the cancellation is proof that nothing is certain anymore.

Fans of the series aren’t the only ones heartbroken by the show’s release from Paramount Plus, as the series Creator Annabel Oakes took to her Instagram Stories to call the “particularly brutal move” as the show is not only canceled but will also be removed from the streamer, leaving everyone associated with the show “devastated by the complete erasure of our show.”

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