Opening weekend box office for The Flash Lower Than Black Adam – Ouch

Opening weekend box office for The Flash Lower Than Black Adam – Ouch

This one is ouch for WB because the opening weekend box office for the flash is inferior to black adam. the flash just released and despite claims that it was one of the best DCEU movies, the franchise still seems to be failing to engage with audiences. Deadline reports that the box office is well below expectations for this opening weekend and lists several factors as to why.

That was the looming big question that was on everyone’s mind in the wake of Ezra Miller’s tabloid-laden 2020-2022 when it came to Warner Bros.’ $200 million Flash. DC, and now we have our answer as the pic opens at $55.1 million over 3-days and $64 million for the June 16 4-day holiday weekend at 4,234 theaters, below expectations of $70-75 million from Warner over 3 days. The 3-day screenings steadily lost steam for this Andy Muschietti-directed film.

The trade wonders if having the majority of their stars, including frontman Ezra Miller, unavailable for any press promotion prior to release was a factor? However, given Miller’s recent run-ins with the law, I’m sure WB felt it might be worse to have them front and center.

black adam, which was considered a flop, grossed $67 million in the first three days. It is well ahead of the flash through the same days. In contrast, the DCEU movie sandwiched in between, Shazam: Fury of the Gods, only managed $30.5 over the entire weekend. Now, you can’t blame the lack of promotion or main star issues when it comes to either movie. In fact, Dwayne Johnson can usually sell a movie on his own these days. But still, black adam was a flop.

For me, the problem is not an individual movie, but a series of weak movies in a row. Fans looking to DCEU films must be fed up with the usual poor quality. Make enough bad movies in a franchise and fans will stop showing up. [Unless its called The Fast and Furious.] However, I guess positive word of mouth could help a DC movie reclaim the second weekend, just like the flash have a good word of mouth?

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I can’t say that’s really the case, reviews are mixed and the movie is currently 66% on TR which is fresh, but barely on its way to being a classic. The audience score is a more respectable 85% but still not wonderful. When it comes to fans online, I would say there are more overall positive impressions than negative ones. Most who see it say they had fun. However, there are two elements of negative feedback that seem to be present in all, even the most positive takes. First, that the time travel rules in the movie just don’t make sense and fall apart as soon as you explore how they work. Second, that the CGI in the movie as a whole, and certain scenes in particular, is poor and feels cheap and unfinished.

I want to catch the flash, but it was never going to be opening weekend for me because of life. I may go see it with my son in the next few weeks. I think it looks like fun enough to take a trip to the theater, which I haven’t done with a DC movie since The Suicide Squad. Before it was BvSwhich I was not a fan of.

I’m thrilled with the new DCU under Gunn and Safran. However, I fear that all of these bad films will take a while to fade. Casual fans may just not understand why there’s a new Superman and pass it off as another one of those cheap DC movies. Guess it may take good reviews and positive word of mouth from fans to get people to Superman: Legacyno pressure huh?

Thus, the opening weekend box office for the flash is inferior to black adam. What do you think of this news? Share your thoughts below and also say why you’re or aren’t seeing The Flash in theaters. .

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