Madre de Alquiler Season 1. (L to R) Marcela Guirado, Leticia Calderon, Camila Selser in Madre de Alquiler Season 1.

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Expansive globetrotting epics and hard-boiled thrillers are the bread and butter of Netflix’s most-watched charts, but the instantaneous success of The Surrogacy once again showcases that subscribers are more than open to some hard-hitting drama, regardless of its country of origin.

Per FlixPatrol, the Spanish-language series has topped the rankings in an impressive 27 countries around the world, reaching the Top 10 in 60 nations in total. That’s good enough to place it as the sixth top-viewed series on a global level, an accomplishment that deserves the highest of praise considering it’s got the likes of Never Have I Ever, FUBAR, Black Mirror, and Manifest to contend with.

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The plot is rooted in deep secrets, shifting motivations, and no shortage of powerful drama, with a woman renting out her womb to a powerful Mexican family in order to save the life of the patriarch. However, when she wakes up following her pregnancy and delivery, she’s handed a child after carrying twins, setting off a chain of events that take years to reach a resolution.

It may not be hoovering up headlines to the same extent as many of Netflix’s splashier and more heavily-marketed originals, but The Surrogacy emerging as one of the biggest hits on a platform that boasts hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world is no small feat, and one that should be commended.

It isn’t all about actions, explosions, or rampant eroticism, then, when something as simple as a moving and emotionally-driven series is clearly ticking a lot of boxes.


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