Most Positive Reactions to Secret Invasion Say It’s “Marvel’s Andor”

Most Positive Reactions to Secret Invasion Say It’s “Marvel’s Andor”

It’s friends again! The embargo on social media feedback has been lifted and those who viewed Secret Invasion are positive about the series, with one even calling it ‘Marvel’s Andor‘. There are of course also negative reactions, although I had to dig a bit to find them. That being said, remember one very clear point. In the past, positive reactions on social media have not always turned into positive reviews. Several times before, I posted positive reactions on social media only to post negative reviews a week later.

That being said, I have hope rather than hype for Secret Invasion. The comments in the job below particularly caught my attention.

‘Marvel’s Andor‘ is a hellish statement, especially if you’re, well, me. Andor was for me one of the best television series of the last 12 months. I would also say it’s overall my favorite piece of star warsanything, since 1983 Return of the Jedi. I mean, I liked a lot of other bits of star warsbut i loved it Andor.

I sincerely hope it does, and so far it looks exactly like the series I was hoping for.

Of course, that’s not the only catch on Secret Invasion.

“Looks like poop” is a very strange criticism to give an actor probably trying to look stressed and tired. However, just because I don’t want this take to be good doesn’t mean I won’t end up agreeing by the time I watch. Secret Invasion myself.

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Here are some more positive reviews. As said, there are negative to medium grips, but they are very much in the minority so far. As also, this could change once the embargo on reviews is lifted, probably on the day of publication or the day before.

A common eulogy I’ve seen is for Olivia Coleman. Honestly, as someone who has followed Coleman’s career from a young British television actor, I’m not surprised. Coleman is damn brilliant in everything.

I like black, I like mature and complex characters. This sounds it’s okay with me. Although I’m not sure She-Hulk fans will love this one?

There are a lot more people if you want to brave the wild nature of social media. While not everyone calls it ‘Marvel’s Andor‘ you will find generally positive reactions to what has been shown so far. It also seems like some have only seen the first two episodes and some seem to suggest they’ve seen the whole series. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but definitely come at review time, surely you must have seen the full series?

What do you think of these Secret Invasion social media reactions? Are you excited or just hopeful like me? As always, leave your thoughts below.

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