More Fantastic Four Casting Rumors Plus 60’s Setting | Barside Buzz

More Fantastic Four Casting Rumors Plus 60’s Setting | Barside Buzz

I told you! Just a day later and he we are with more Fantastic Four casting rumors plus another rumor of a 60’s setting for the movie. Let’s get to it, but as you’ve all worked out by now, take everything you read here with a pinch of salt. For a start this cast list has changed a million times already. Secondly, we are still in an actors strike, so there will be no more movement until that is resolved.

Let’s start with Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic Podcast.

Fantastic Four Casting

Jeff was the one a week or so ago to say that Driver was out and had passed on the role of Reed after reading the script. Since then a rumor began that the most recent actor to be offered the part was former Doctor Who Matt Smith. As far as Sneider says, he has no specific names to add to that Reed list, but he doesn’t think it’s not going to be Matt Smith. As far as Sneider says, the role is still open and he also says he thinks it’s possible they’ll go back to Driver with a change of script.

However, Sneider did offer some other names. He says Vanessa Kirby IS Sue Storm. Sneider claims he is 99.5% sure Sue has been cast and it is Kirby. Now, if that is true, it’s worth noting that the first insider to make that claim was actually Grace Randolph. I know, Randolph has a sketchy hit rate for Marvel. However, credit where credit is due and it could lead into some further news from that source below. Remember, nothing is official here and Sneider himself is an insider only.

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Sneider then names Johnny Storm as Jack Quaid. However, during his show he gets a text from his number 1 source who doesn’t give him the name, but says it is not Quaid, This third source is the one Sneider trusts most, so it seems to rule out Quad for him. One fan then points out later is it possible that Sneider meant Joseph Quinn, who was rumored previously. Sneider says that’s the one. It kinda seems like he was sent the letters JQ and forgot about Joseph Quinn. So now Sneider is saying it is Quinn who has been cast. (note, Jack Quaid came out and said it was not him shortly after his name began trending). Later on Sneider said he f’ed up the mistake between Quaid and Quinn.

Then, Sneider goes on to say he’s heard Galactus will be played by a Latino, which would add some weight to those Antonio Banderas rumors from a while back. As for The Thing, Sneider says the role is cast, he does not have a name, however he’s heard it is not Paul Walter Hauser who had apparently been rumored. (First time I have heard that name attached to Ben, but okay.)

Lastly, Sneider has heard that Ebon Moss-Bachrach has been cast in the movie. Sneider is not sure as who, but suspects the Herald of Galactus, possibly even Silver Surfer. Point is the actor is in the movie but no one knows as who? Remember recently that Ebon Moss-Bachrach was rumored by some as playing Ben/The Thing. Sneider however is sure it’s not Ben Grimm that Moss-Bachrach is playing.

More Casting And Setting Rumors

Now let’s get on to some new information from Grace Randolph. The insider claims that the short list for Reed Richards is Matt Smith, Dev Patel and Adam Driver. If you check the related link above you’ll see another insider yesterday claimed Driver was not completely out of the running yet. Sneider also said he would not rule it out despite also reporting Driver had passed once already. Patel is a new one for me. I’ve seen fan casts of Patel as Reed, but never heard a legitimate rumor until now.

I think that’s all the new Fantastic Four casting rumors up to date. Additionally however, Randolph in her recent video also sates a rumor we’ve heard before. Namely that the movie version of the FF will begin in the 1960’s. Somehow ending up in the modern era, out of time like Captain America was. Now, I must say, I pitched that very idea myself before Marvel even announced they were making a Fantastic Four movie. Back when the Fox purchase was closing I wrote up a pitch for what I would like to see in the MCU version.

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My pitch had the team as they were in the comics, back in the 1960’s fighting bad guys. Then they get transported into the modern day. My idea was that Sue would be the lead focus of the movie. It would be about how society has changed since the 60’s and her being empowered to be what she is, the Four’s most powerful superhero and in many ways the leader of the family. You can read it above although some of my ideas are now out of date with what has happened since.

The fact the movie is now rumored to have Sue as the lead and be set in the 60’s? Did someone at Marvel read my pitch? Ha, not really, it’s not like I’m the only one who has made a similar suggestion for the movie over the years. Realistically it’s just a good loose pitch idea and there is no real semblance of a story. No surprise though that I think a 60’s setting to begin with is a good idea.

Listen folks, we don’t know if any of these rumors are true. Until we do, take those sodium tablets regularly.

What do you think of of these new Fantastic Four casting rumors plus another rumor of a 60’s setting for the movie? As always, let us know below.

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