Mikkelsen on the kind of Thrawn we’ll see in Ahsoka

Mikkelsen on the kind of Thrawn we’ll see in Ahsoka

In a recent interview, Grand Admiral Thrawn actor Lars Mikkelsen comments on the kind of Thrawn we’ll see in the Ahsoka star wars series. Although Thrawn as a character predates Mikkelsen’s tenure, the actor played the main antagonist in star wars rebels. Therefore, for many star wars fans, Mikkelsen East Thrawn’s voice already. Now in Ahsoka he’ll also be playing an older Thrawn in live-action for the first time.

Mikkelsen spoke to EO and started off by saying he had no reservations about playing Thrawn in live-action.

“When David finally asked me if I wanted to do it, there was no doubt. Of course I wanted to do this, so I’m very excited. But [as far as] the transition from Rebels to the actual live-action character? I hope it works!”

While Mikkelsen points out that this is still the same character he’s played before, he also admits there’s still a challenge to get it right for live action.

“In many ways, it’s the same character. It is based on the same material. But we had to think: do it right. »

Mikkelsen says he didn’t go back to watching old episodes of Rebels to familiarize himself with the blue-skinned, red-eyed Chiss, also known as Mitth’raw’nuruodo., noting that even though it’s the same character, he “also wanted to create something new”.

As for how Mikkelsen See’s Thrawn comes into Ahsoka?

“He’s a top strategist,” Mikkelsen said. “He’s always seven steps ahead of anyone else. And ruthless, of course. But only when necessary, in fact. I think it also thrives with the creativity of the environment. I mean, he doesn’t use people the wrong way. He uses their creativity to achieve his goals.

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It was long rumored that Mikkelsen was playing Thrawn in live-action, in fact it was us here at LRG who started this rumor, based on what we heard from our sources at Lucasfilm at the time. However, this is only star wars Celebration when Mikkelsen was first officially revealed and as he says, it was a hugely emotional moment for him.

“It was a very emotional moment that I didn’t expect,” says Mikkelsen. “But I think there’s a lot of love to support from the public. And I felt a huge gratitude. It was amazing. I’ve never tried anything like it.

I can’t wait to see Mikkelsen play Thrawn in live-action. We’re also expecting Mikkelsen’s Thrawn to be the main antagonist in Dave Filoni’s upcoming MandoVerse film.

What do you think of Lars Mikkelsen’s comments on the genre of Thrawn that we’ll see in the Ahsoka star wars series? As always, leave your thoughts below.

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