MCU fans still can’t understand why ‘Secret Invasion’ put so much significance on this character

MCU fans still can’t understand why ‘Secret Invasion’ put so much significance on this character

Since its finale aired almost two weeks ago, Secret Invasion has left a trail of lingering questions. Aside from the latest MCU power creep, which is G’iah’s superpowers, fans also questioned the significance of one of the show’s supporting characters when they had little impact on the plot.

Sonya Falsworth‘s existence was under the spotlight in r/MarvelStudios because some fans believed that her role held little significance to the plot of this Marvel series. To recap, Sonya was introduced as an MI6 agent and Nick Fury’s friend in Secret Invasion. Throughout the series, she assisted this S.H.I.E.L.D. leader in stopping the Skrulls from wiping out humanity.

While fans claimed Sonya was an outstanding character in the series, many agreed that her investigations and efforts added nothing to the plot, especially when Fury was one step ahead of Gravik. One predicted that this was Marvel Studios’ way to keep Olivia Colman in the MCU and have her character introduced to other British superheroes.

Meanwhile, fans sought a more obvious answer: to form a secret human-Skrull alliance between Sonya and G’iah. Unfortunately, some didn’t see the point of this team-up since G’iah’s latest abilities make her a more powerful being than any other Avenger out there.

Many fans agreed that despite loving Colman’s performance, her character contributed nothing to advance the plot and was there primarily to give Fury an ally. One believes that Sonya’s more important plotlines might have been removed due to reshoots, but we’ll never know for sure unless Marvel Studios releases the show’s deleted scenes.

According to Collider, Secret Invasion is the MCU’s shortest and most expensive series to date, with a reported budget of $212 million. Despite its effort to steer away from the MCU formula with its espionage plotline, it was poorly received by fans and critics alike, with a rotten average critic score of 55 percent and an audience score of 52 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Sonya Falsworth is one of the good gems found in this series’ dumpster fire. Perhaps that could have saved the show if she had been utilized better.

All episodes of Secret Invasion are now available to stream on Disney Plus.

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