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Marvel fans, you doing OK?

The biggest shake-up to the MCU’s upcoming slate since the pandemic hit has just taken place, ensuring every movie coming from the studio after 2023 has had its release date altered. While this drastic rescheduling is naturally an outcome of the writers’ (and possibly actors’) strike, it’s just possible that this is the thing that might just save the much-put-upon Multiverse Saga. Elsewhere, Harrison Ford has explained what made him sign up to join the franchise himself, and it’s surprisingly sweet for Hollywood’s greatest curmugeon.

The writers’ strike causes Marvel’s entire Phase Five and Six slate to fall like a house of cards, but maybe it’s for the best

Shocked Deadpool
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On paper, it’s hard to swing the Great Multiverse Saga Delay as a good thing — Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars have been held up a year apiece, for instance. And yet there are actually numerous benefits to the rejigged slate. Deadpool 3 jumping forward six months, a more fitting release window for Captain America: Brave New World, and maybe even giving Marvel more time to work out what it’s going to do with Jonathan Majors’ Kang. Strangely enough, the WGA strike forcing the studio to hit pause on everything it’s working on, and take stock of how things are shaping up, might be the best thing that could happen to it.

‘I want some of this!’ Harrison Ford had one straightforward reason for wanting to follow most of Hollywood into the MCU

Harrison Ford
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Who else is still struggling to get their head around the fact that Harrison Ford, Han Solo and Indiana Jones himself, is about to enter the MCU? And not just as any old character either, but as Thaddeus “He’s Definitely Going to Become Red Hulk” Ross himself. So why did Ford decide to join the ever-growing superhero genre after all this time? In a somewhat surprising revelation, the actor admitted that he saw his colleagues and friends “having fun” so he wanted in on the action himself. And this is coming from the man who said that making Captain America 4 was only “work” and not “fun fun.”

Sorry to tell you this, but the Sony Spider-Man spinoff no one’s excited for has landed a production start date

venom let there be carnage
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Just when you thought it was safe to be hopeful for the future of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, a spinoff we all thought dead and buried has come back to life. Yes, somehow, El Muerto has returned. Although it seemed the bizarre Bad Bunny vehicle was destined to miss its release date on Jan. 14, 2024, it looks like Sony is doing its best to make it as the film has now been confirmed to start shooting this August. Some kind of delay seems highly likely, but it actually appears that the most obscure comic book character by far to get their own movie might make it to the big screen next year after all. And yet we have to wait until 2027 for Secret Wars. To quote Disney’s Scar, life’s not fair, is it?

The Marvel universe becomes a little madder every day — like Blade officially being a Valentine’s Day date movie — so stay tuned for more from the House of Ideas.


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