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Needless to say, most of the chatter in Marvel-land today sprung from the arrival of Secret Invasion‘s second episode, which perhaps didn’t hit quite as hard as last week’s premiere but nonetheless dropped another huge bombshell and may have just delivered the MCU’s most graphic scene ever. It’s just a shame that it’s being watched by a mere fraction of those that have tuned in for previous Disney Plus shows from the House of Ideas…

Secret Invasion weaksauce opening viewing figures don’t exactly inspire confidence for Marvel’s next batch of Disney Plus shows

Martin Freeman as Everett Ross in 'Secret Invasion'
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The numbers have been crunched, and Secret Invasion officially has the second weakest opening ever to a Marvel Disney Plus series, with its first episode failing to scrape past 1 million views in the United States across its first five days on streaming. While it did better than Ms. Marvel, this pales in comparison to the 2.5 million that watched Loki‘s opener over the same period. Is this a sign that those Marvel titles with less of a cultural cache are doomed to a similar fate when they arrive in 2024? Should we start praying now for the likes of Echo and Wonder Man?

Marvel finally admits it knows it has too many movies and TV shows for people to keep up with

Talos and G'iah in 'Captain Marvel'
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Enough about last week’s episode, though, let’s talk about episode two. A curious thing happened at the beginning of this installment as it began with a recap of the events of Captain Marvel. Many fans have found this an odd inclusion, as it comes across as Marvel admitting that they know many may not have rewatched the Brie Larson movie since it was in theaters in 2019, which feels pretty loaded given how much hate that film has received over the years, especially in the run-up to this November’s The Marvels.

Spider-Man fans are having something of an existential crisis themselves as Tobey Maguire turns 48

tobey maguire spider-man no way home
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Sorry for the sobering reality check there, former early-2000s kids, but you read that correctly. Tobey Maguire is now 48 years old. And you know what’s even scarier? That means he’s now two years older than Willem Dafoe was when he first played Norman Osborn in 2002’s Spider-Man. That’s simply inconceivable for those who grew up with Maguire’s Peter Parker, especially as we just saw him in No Way Home looking pretty youthful. Just wait until next year when the 2010 kids lose their minds when Andrew Garfield turns 40.

Even if that aging update left you as green as a Skrull, don’t go anywhere, as the Marvel news train will come back around again soon enough.


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