Latest Marvel News: Jonathan Majors reclaims his MCU throne amid impending criminal trial as ‘Secret Invasion’ sequel dares to become a reality

Latest Marvel News: Jonathan Majors reclaims his MCU throne amid impending criminal trial as ‘Secret Invasion’ sequel dares to become a reality

The MCU fandom needed a pick-me-up after the lows of Secret Invasion‘s finale last week, so big thanks to Marvel for kicking off this week on a high with the release of a new trailer for Loki season two. In fact, the studio possibly made a bold swing in said trailer that could assure us that the Jonathan Majors recasting that we’ve been half-expecting to happen for months… isn’t going to happen. Meanwhile, speaking of Secret Invasion, against all the odds, its follow-up is making headway in record time.

Marvel doesn’t shy from hyping up Jonathan Majors’ return in Loki season two, despite imminent court appearance

victor timely loki
Image via Marvel Studios

After Jonathan Majors became at the center of a storm of domestic violence allegations, Marvel seemed to take a widespread approach of pretending he wasn’t the all-important Kang the Conqueror, the key player for the entire Multiverse Saga. And yet the new Loki season two trailer is practically built around the reveal that he’s playing a fresh Kang variant in the upcoming Disney Plus show, which feels like the closest the studio is going to come to an outspoken comment in Majors’ defense. Remember, the actor is set to appear in court very soon on Aug. 3, so the situation should become clearer after that.

Armor Wars finds itself a director brave enough to attempt to follow on from Secret Invasion

don cheadle rhodey war machine
Image via Marvel Studios

Armor Wars has a tough job of it after Secret Invasion tore up Rhodey’s entire MCU character arc, with the Don Cheadle-starring movie having to make sense of the nonsensical twist that War Machine’s been a Skrull since Captain America: Civil War and having to essentially be an Iron Man 4 without Robert Downey Jr. That’s probably why Marvel’s maybe had some difficulty in finding a director to helm it up until now. And yet it’s now being reported that Damian Marcano (American Gigolo, Step Up: High Water) has signed a deal with the studio to bring the film to the screen. Smart money is on Armor Wars dropping sometime in 2025.

Move over, Taika Waititi, the perfect candidate to rescue the Thor franchise may have been located

taika waititi james gunn the suicide squad
via Warner Bros.

After even Chris Hemsworth admitted Thor: Love and Thunder was too silly for its own good, it’s clear the Thor franchise needs a relaunch if a fifth movie ever happens. So, as much as we enjoyed Ragnarok, Taika Waititi probably shouldn’t return to direct this hypothetical Thor 5. But, luckily for Marvel, the perfect candidate for his replacement has now stepped forward. Elizabeth Banks, the Spider-Man trilogy star and director of Pitch Perfect 2, Charlie’s Angels, and Cocaine Bear, has admitted she’s a huge fan of the Asgardian Avenger and her “door is open” to bringing Thor back to his best. The ball’s in your court, Kevin Feige.

As debate rages over whether the MCU is even a cinematic universe anymore proves, you never know what’s coming out of the Marvel news machine next, so stay tuned.

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