Fitness TikToker, Joseph Sergo — aka Joey Swoll — has risen to fame by promoting gym positivity and calling out gym bullies. The 37-year-old is also a registered personal trainer and often shares progress pictures of his clients on his Instagram.

His TikTok, @thejoeyswoll has amassed 6.8 million followers and his Instagram @joeyswoll has 2.6 million.

A fitness fanatic himself, the Chicago native has boasted about a 20-year journey at the gym. According to, he measures 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighs around 215 pounds.

Sergo uses his TikTok platform to encourage people to hit the gym and share his story about how doing so has helped him overcome his mental health struggles, including opioid addiction.

He regularly stitches or duets videos on TikTok of people complaining about or harassing others at the gym. He reinforces good gym etiquette and calls people out for shaming other gym-goers. He sells merchandise with a “Gym Positivity Nation” logo and is the self-proclaimed CEO of gym positivity.

Unlike many other “GymTok” creators, Sergo refrains from posting his progress or gym regime. Instead, he uplifts gym-goers at any stage of the process and spreads positivity.

Some of his most popular videos include criticism of body shamers and bullies. He says he was bullied as a kid and young adult and feels compelled to defend and uplift people he was once like. “I’m not doing anything special,” he says, “I’m telling people something they already know: to treat others like they want to be treated.”

However, some viewers felt as though he often called out women and accused him of making misogynistic comments as he rose to fame. Sergo lashed back in a tweet earlier this year, “My mission is to make the gym a better, safer place for EVERYONE. Period.”

Regardless, Sergo continues to be praised for his kindness, positivity, and encouragement across the internet.


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