How to review the most effective two weeks before the PMP certification exam?

How to review the most effective two weeks before the PMP certification exam?

The PMP certificate refers to the qualification certification for project management professionals. It is initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which strictly assesses whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification certification exams. Its purpose is to provide a

industry standard for project managers. As a qualification certification exam in project management, it has established its authority internationally. Since 1984, PMP has trained a large number of project management professionals for the United States, and the profession of project management has become the “golden profession”.

“in the United States. The two-week review work before the PMP test is particularly important for the PMP test. The PMP certification is initiated by the American Project Management Association and is promoted worldwide. The content is knowledge comprehensive overview of project management.

Many companies will require PMP certification when hiring project managers; when companies choose partners, project bidding will also choose project teams with PMPso the current gold grade of PMP is at a high level.

Today, SPOTO tells you how to make the most of the exam preparation two weeks before the exam to help us score high on the PMP exam.

PMP certification exams are held four times a year, in March, June, September, and December. I took the exam last September.

I personally think that registering for the PMP certification exam is a bit inconvenient. The English registration is registered on the official PMI website. There is no time limit for this.

Chinese registration is registered on the official website of the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs Training Center. Chinese registration usually begins two months before the test. The duration of the test is about half a month. The registration fee is 606 USD, which is a bit expensive.

The image below is the general application process.

The official manual for the PMP certification exam is the PMBOK Guide. Also, you can actually choose one or two other tutorial manuals, such as the “PMP Exam Guide”.

This manual focuses on detailing and deepening the contents of the PMBOK Guide based on the reference and analysis of previous exam questions.

The overall situation of the PMP exam is analyzed to help the exam physiology to clarify how to apply for the exam, the exam review points, the exam process, the experience and skills of examination, precautions and other issues, which can be considered to provide the most comprehensive guidance for PMP Candidates.

Direction of the PMP examination:

This PMP study is the most complete and systematic study of project management!

Through the intensive training process, I know and apply the project management knowledge system flexibly, and master the way of thinking of project management to solve practical work problems.

Exam direction 1, master the theoretical knowledge of the entire knowledge system of project management, processes, principles, tools, methods, techniques and models.

Second direction of the exam, general skills in project management, application of management ideas and analysis of various real project scenarios.

PMP Exam Difficulties:

Project management knowledge system, there is no difficulty in understanding knowledge, and the test site is a fixed and repeated practice, as long as you put in about 200 hours in three months, you can successfully complete the task learning and pass the exam.

Keep studying, read books or do your homework every day, keep learning and progress gradually.

PMP exam: 200 multiple-choice questions, 131 points passed.

The correct rate is 65.5%.

Breakdown of test question difficulty: hard 10%, medium 20%, easy 70%.

How to Score High on the PMP Exam

1) It is very important to read PMBOK. There are test points on almost every page of the book, which requires careful reading and understanding.

If you are optimistic about the book, you can handle 70% of the exam questions and pass.

If you want to achieve high scores and gain greater learning gains, you need to strengthen your ability to solve practical project problems through understanding knowledge points.

2) When reading a book, you can use some learning tips, such as: you can find small stickers to mark the different chapters of PMBOKO, to improve reading speed.

Or use different colored pens to score different PMP knowledge points to improve memory.

Each reading can be marked with a different colored pen.

3) At the initial stage of learning, many students overlooked the importance of PMBOK.

If there is no systematic understanding of the knowledge contained in the book, the problem will not be good.

The best way to learn is to listen to the PMP training course first, then systematically read the PMP learning materials, then answer the questions, the effect will be the best.

4) Reading and doing questions are complementary. Check the reading effect by asking questions and adjust the reading method over time.

The questions must match the test site.

When you encounter a bad question, it means that this knowledge point is not enough. Don’t let it go easily. You have to turn to the corresponding content in the book, digest it carefully and understand it clearly and you won’t be wrong anymore.

In other words, you need to find the source of the wrong question, and you need to know why you got it right if you’re right.

Only then is a point of knowledge completely digested.

5) Project management falls under the category of management, and sometimes there is no standard answer.

The answer given by the teacher is relatively consistent given by many industry experts and teachers.

If your opinion is different from this, don’t worry too much.

6) PMP preparation is a project, you need to develop a detailed preparation plan based on your own time.

Insist on an effective reading time of about 1-2 hours per day.

Step by step, during the whole PMP preparation process, at least 200 hours of effective reading time.

If you are busy with work, you need to adjust your plan in time.

Finally, I wish everyone good luck.

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