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With The Flash practically whipping past any lingering expectation of a properly presented unique multiverse storyline, fatigue with this particular plot is at an all-time high… or so we thought.

Shows like Loki season two and other upcoming MCU and DCU projects are getting the side-eye from disgruntled fans who are done with superheroes getting tangled in different universes in the name of the plot. But when another comic book adaptation announced plans to do the same, those ready to boycott multiverse-based servings got ready to fight tooth and nail to protect its honor. 

In fact, these very vocal multiverse detractors are still busy taking down any and every voice daring to loop in this adaptation in the mess that is the MCU and DCU. Unless you have been stuck trying to remember why you liked The Flash in the first place (trust me, I am), you have already heard that Prime Video’s hit animated series, Invincible, is all set to explore the multiverse in its upcoming second season.  

Of course, those not familiar with Invincible’s storyline and badly traumatized by the likes of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania were quick to mourn the Prime Video series joining the team. 

But Invincible fans didn’t waste a second to explain why the show exploring the multiverse makes all the sense in the world. 

Hope is that Invincible season two will not just be good, but amazing enough to redeem the multiverse story plot. 

The first season of the series was one of Prime Video’s biggest successes. Still, given how of all the recent multiverse-focused projects only Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has managed to impress, only time will tell if Invincible season two — scheduled to debut in late 2023 — is set to join the elite group or serve as a reminder that we have definitely hit a saturation point on this particular trope. 


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