Four fantastic costume designers point to a period piece! Are we in the 60s?

Four fantastic costume designers point to a period piece!  Are we in the 60s?

The new hires The Fantastic Four costume designer could indicate that the film is a period piece. Is Marvel going to set the movie in the 60s or 70s after all? As you can see in the social media post below, it is reported wherever Melissa Vargas landed the gig for the next The Fantastic Four.

However, what many fans have quickly realized so far is that the two films listed above for Vargas are period pieces. Both of these movies are set in the 1980s. If I’m being honest, I feel a bit offended, they’re period pieces, since I grew up in that decade, but it’s just that I’m old and grumpy. The 1980s is absolutely a period piece now, I don’t like that.

It must be said that these are only speculations friends. Just because Vargas worked on two movies set in the 1980s doesn’t mean she’s stuck in only be a period costumer. However, what it does do is indicate a reason why someone might want those skills on their film.

Why the 1960s?

I guess the question is, where did the rumors of the 1960s come from?

For my part, I go back to the takeover of Fox by Disney. At that time, although it was never announced, we knew we would spawn an MCU The Fantastic Four movie. At the time I said in an article that I wanted The Fantastic Four to be a period piece set in the 1960s. Although, in my idea, that was just the start of the movie, and the family ended up running out of time in the present day and getting stuck there. In my talk, Sue was the star of the film and it focused on how liberating it was for her to step into the present and how it changed her and her family.

Now, I’m not saying Disney copied me, but they totally did. No, seriously, we didn’t talk at all back then. Pure fan speculation and nothing else, that’s all I was doing. However, when things started to fall into place for this movie, I started hearing rumors that the movie might be set in the 1960s. I can’t speak to the veracity of those rumors, and they also predated the arrival of director Matt Shakman. Therefore, we don’t even know if this is a legit rumor or just an idea that was floated at the beginning.

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I just thought it would be cool if it was the 60s because that’s when the cultural revolution started. However, Marvel could go to the 70s, 80s, or anywhere else. It also gives a good reason why the FF weren’t there until now in the MCU. I made them disappear in the 60s and be considered dead, only to appear in modern times where no time for them had passed.

Please remember though, just because fans are speculating about it, it’s not a gun. Vargas was chosen based on her previous work, we know that because that’s how the industry works. However, it’s pure speculation from fans what this could mean. The Fantastic Four is a period piece. I sure hope so, because it’s fresh and an interesting story. Disney, if you have any problems with the script, contact me. I have a whole movie in my head. However, the reality is that we don’t know anything outside of Vargas getting the gig. If I hear more Buzz at the bar around a period piece I will keep you posted.

So what do you think? THE The Fantastic Four costume designer could indicate that the film is a period piece. But not defined. Do we have the 60s setting that I (and I’m sure other fans) wanted? Thoughts below as always.

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