Former Lando Writer Found Out He Was Fired When We Did

Former Lando Writer Found Out He Was Fired When We Did

Justin Simien, the former Lando writer found out he was fired at the same time as the rest of us. We shared a story that Donald Glover is now writing the Lando series alongside brother Stephen (related section below). This news broke only a day after a published interview with Simien. In this inteerview Simien indicated he was still attached to write Lando as far as he knew. However, it has now become clear that Simien had not been informed his services were no longer required. Simien found out about his exit from the series online, like the rest of us did after that first report.

Check out what Simien had to say in now deleted social media posts. You can’t ever delete something permanently from the internet after all. Though, I have to say I’m not sure why he deleted his comments because he is quite diplomatic about it really.

My thoughts on this are pretty straightforward. Since we have no idea what series Simien pitched or what changes Glover wants to make in his version, that point is moot. Lando will be judged  on it’s own like any other project. If and when it eventually see’s the light of day that is.

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However, this once again shows a rather unprofessional side to Lucasfilm. Which, at this point, is just another notch on the naughty list for the studio. Simien either offered, or was commissioned, to write a pitch for Lando. He did, and Lucasfilm told him they loved it, but they’d have to put a pin it due to working out scheduling. The next thing he hears is a trade report that he is out and the new writer is the main star of the show.

I’m sure Simien is experienced enough to just say, ‘that’s Hollywood’ and move on. However, this still feels like a very unprofessional way too handle things. Especially when Simien is the only one doing any promo work for his Disney movie Haunted Mansion due to the strikes.

Though, I guess it’s possible I’m being harsh? The story was reported first by Above the Line, then followed quickly by Variety. I guess it’s possible the decision of the Glover brothers taking over had just happened. Therefore, the story broke too quickly for Lucasfilm to inform Simien the correct way? However, given their track record, I’m more inclined to believe someone at Lucasfilm read the Simien interview and then leaked the news to the press that day rather than have to call Simien themselves. That’s an unverifiable and therefore meaningless opinion though until we know more however. And yes, It’s a pessimistic view for me to take.

What do you think of the news Justin Simien, the former Lando writer found out he was fired at the same time as the rest of us? Thoughts below as always.

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