Flanagan on ‘Usher’ issues, the future of ‘Dark Tower’

Flanagan on ‘Usher’ issues, the future of ‘Dark Tower’

Flanagan on ‘Usher’ issues, the future of ‘Dark Tower’
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Acclaimed genre filmmaker Mike Flanagan appeared this week as part of a Tribeca Festival masterclass discussion, where writer Justina Ireland conducted a conversation with the director of ‘Doctor Sleep’ and the creator of ‘Midnight Mass’ .

Ireland recently worked with Flanagan as part of the writer’s room for the Netflix series “The Fall of the Usher House.” Flanagan is directing four episodes of the eight-episode limited series, which adapts Edgar Allen Poe’s 1839 short story as part of a series that will draw on several of Poe’s stories.

A year ago, this series was notoriously halted midway through production when it was reported that the show’s main man, Frank Langella, would be recast following an investigation into alleged misconduct. on the tray. Bruce Greenwood was hired to reprise the role, which included reshoots of previously filmed scenes.

Ireland asked Flanagan about the difficulty of being a creative who also has to be the leader on set during tough times. flangan replied

“Production management is something for which there is not really training. Being the adult in the room is a bummer, but I learned early on if I wanted a career, I had to balance creativity to people, responsibility to the story, and the people you work with. You swim or drown together… The production of ‘Usher’ was tough, but not the toughest I’ve had.

Flanagan says the toughest production he ever faced was his first series, Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House.” Flanagan’s dream project was a serial adaptation of Stephen King’s novel series “The Dark Tower,” which he first announced in December. He confirmed that it is progressing:

“It’s the one I most want to do. I have the rights. We are on strike. But I’m very optimistic that we’re on the right track with that, we have good partners, we can’t talk about that, but I think it’s going to happen. I can’t say for sure, but we look good. So I hope it’s up there.

Flanagan’s next film is “The Life of Chuck”, starring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Hamill. This is his third film adaptation of a King story after “Gerald’s Game” and “Doctor Sleep”.

Source: Variety

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