Driver Out – Kirby and Quinn in? Crazy Fantastic Four Barside Buzz

Driver Out – Kirby and Quinn in?  Crazy Fantastic Four Barside Buzz

What the hell is going on with the The Fantastic Four casting process? We now have rumors Buzz at the bar which says Driver is out, Kirby is in, and Joseph Quinn is now Johnny Storm. My instinct now is that we should probably wait for the official announcement to find out. However, here’s the latest casting buzz for The Fantastic Four.

Let’s start with Jeff Sneider who was one of those who was all about Adam Driver. In the latest edition of The hot mic Podcast (timestamp 23:58) Snieder now says he thinks Driver got out and maybe he asked for too much money that Marvel didn’t want to pay. The only actor Sneider now feels confident about is Daveed Diggs as Ben Grimm.

Meanwhile, we have a claim from mods on r/DCEUleaks claiming to have two confirmed names for the roles of Sue and Johnny. Check this one out.

Now, it seems really odd that a DCEU-focused sub would receive casting information from Marvel. Still, the team seems extremely confident in this source for some reason. I don’t know, but I have a funny feeling that this information might be legit, and if so, that means we have Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn playing the Storm siblings.

It’s weird, but ever since everyone in the hyped game started saying Margot Robbie for Sue, things have slowly changed and more and more credible sources are changing their tune for Kirby.

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Insider Daniel RPK also claims on his Patreon service that Kirby was offered the role of Sue. And KC Walsh says he heard that Driver and Robbie had retired.

As for Johnny, Paul Mescal had been heavily approached. However, I never felt like it was a solid like the others. Meanwhile, Diggs remains the only name which I have seen legitimately attached to Ben Grimm. Does that mean Diggs is a lock, not for me. I have a feeling this casting process has already taken a few twists and will do so again before the contracts are signed.

I’m going to come back to my point at the top. My gut tells me we should probably wait for the official announcement to find out. At this point, I’m not sure anyone is truly locked out and until they are, all bets are off. I will say this, I think Driver was a great cast as Reed, but at the same time, if Driver thinks he’s a mega star and demands too much money, so be it. It’s hardly like 65 made dollars at the box office because of the name Driver, right? Maybe he got huge pay for it because he was one of only two cast members? Too bad!

What do you think of this latest batch or Buzz at the bar around the The Fantastic Four foundry? Driver, Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn, and who knows who else? As always, leave your thoughts below.

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