Dicks: The Musical Trailer Has Lost Twins Reunite and Weirdness Ensues

Dicks: The Musical Trailer Has Lost Twins Reunite and Weirdness Ensues

A24 has distributed some of the most memorable and off-the-wall films, from dramas to horrors that included The Witch, Ex Machina, Swiss Army Men, The Lobster, and even Talk to Me, now in theaters. Now A24 is venturing into new uncharted territory for this studio—into its first musical with Dicks: The Musical.

As with many of their film predecessors, this musical comedy certainly will be memorable.

The film stars Megan Mullally and Megan Thee Stallion with Bowen Yang and Nathan Lane and introduces Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. Larry Charles directed the movie from the script written by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp.

Here is the full description of the film:

Two self-obsessed businessmen (writers Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp) discover they’re long-lost identical twins and come together to plot the reunion of their eccentric divorced parents in this riotously funny and depraved musical from comedy icon Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Borat).

This film is an odd musical, but it certainly introduces the Sewer Boys, which I’m certainly curious about. Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally are very good performers, especially Lane on stage. Of course, the casting of Megan Thee Stallion is a surprise. So, let’s consider me very curious to check this movie out.

Dicks: The Musical makes its world premiere as the opening night film of Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival. Then it lands in theaters on Friday, September 29.

Watch the trailer below for Dicks: The Musical. Let us know what you think of the trailer.

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