Del Toro mostly sticks to animated movies

Del Toro mostly sticks to animated movies

Del Toro mostly sticks to animated movies

‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘Hellboy’ director Guillermo del Toro, who recently stunned the world with his acclaimed Netflix animated take on ‘Pinocchio’, seems to be continuing down this path.

Speaking to an audience at the Annecy Animation Festival on Tuesday, del Toro said: “There are a few live action movies I want to do, but not many. After that, I only want to do animation. That’s the plan.”

Del Toro revealed that he started doing “what I thought was animation” when he was 8 years old using his father’s Super 8 camera.

He is currently continuing his “Pinocchio” with a feature-length animated adaptation of “The Buried Giant” by Nobel Prize-winning British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. It will be a “stop-motion adult fantasy drama.”

The book follows an elderly British couple living in a fictional post-Arthurian England in which no one can retain their long-term memories. Del Toro will produce, direct and co-write with Dennis Kelly.

It’s unclear if this decision will impact his long-running adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s short story “Into the Mountains of Madness,” or if it will be made into an anime or 444.

Source: THR

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