Daredevil Returns With His Iconic Black Armor In A Limited Series!

Daredevil Returns With His Iconic Black Armor In A Limited Series!

Marvel has just announced an exciting treat for fans of the legendary Daredevil. Get ready to relive Matt Murdock’s armored-up ’90s days in the upcoming limited series, DAREDEVIL: BLACK ARMOR, set to hit the stands in November. The four-issue saga, written by D.G. Chichester, the mastermind behind the beloved run on the title, promises to reignite the thrill of the past and add new depth and mystery to this fan-favorite era.

D.G. Chichester, renowned for penning epic storylines like “Last Rites” and “Fall From Grace,” made a significant impact on the Daredevil legacy by reintroducing Elektra to the Marvel Universe and giving Matt Murdock a sleek and formidable armored costume. Now, he’s back to take fans on a journey to a never-before-seen chapter in Daredevil’s life, immersing readers in intense action and electrifying fights reminiscent of the extreme ’90s style.

The story unfolds as Matt Murdock finds himself faced with a baffling situation—civilians, heroes, and villains vanishing into the dark depths of Hell’s Kitchen underground. To get to the bottom of the mystery, Daredevil must push his extraordinary senses and armored suit beyond their limits. The narrative promises an enthralling showcase of Marvel’s deadliest villains, including Hobgoblin and Sabretooth, leading up to an explosive confrontation with a sinister, enigmatic force pulling all the strings.

When the announcement was made at SDCC Daredevil fans couldn’t contain their excitement, and neither can D.G. Chichester himself. “If someone told me earlier that I’d have another chance to put on Daredevil’s horns (let alone horns attached to a suit of black armor), I’d have thought they’d taken one too many whacks to the head with a billy club,” Chichester exclaimed. “But apparently my passport to Hell’s Kitchen still works just fine!”

Marvel has granted Chichester the freedom to take daring creative leaps with this series, which has thrilled both the writer and fans alike. Returning to Matt Murdock’s neighborhood and revisiting the classic costume has been a tremendous experience for Chichester. He compares the creative process to jumping off a rooftop, acknowledging the thrill of not always knowing where you’ll land. Fans of Chichester’s memorable “Fall From Grace” and “Fall of the Kingpin” stories can expect more hyper senses and heightened action, delivered in a whole new way, thanks to the dynamic art and visual storytelling prowess of Netho Diaz and JP Mayer.

The limited series comes with an all-new variant cover crafted by the renowned God of War art director, Rafael Grassetti, adding an extra layer of allure to the collector’s edition.

So mark your calendars for November and prepare to be transported back in time to the unforgettable ’90s era with DAREDEVIL: BLACK ARMOR. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into this action-packed adventure and uncover new secrets in Matt Murdock’s crime-fighting journey. Stay updated by visiting Marvel’s official website for more information. Get ready to witness the return of Daredevil like never before!

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