Chris Hemsworth Explains His ‘Borderline Stalker’ Behavior Around Ed Sheeran

Chris Hemsworth Explains His ‘Borderline Stalker’ Behavior Around Ed Sheeran

Actor and Marvel star Chris Hemsworth shows that even celebrities can be totally dedicated fans too, following his recent encounter with Ed Sheeran.

For context, the 39-year-old revealed on Twitter on June 12 that he had attended several Ed Sheeran concerts in honor of the singer’s Mathematics Tour. In the post, the Thor: Love and Thunder The star would list numerous reasons why people, primarily Sheeran, would assume he frequently attended the shows because he was a “superfan” and a “borderline stalker”. Hemsworth would silence the allegations by saying he went to concerts to be “a backing bandmate”.

Along with the caption, he uploaded a compilation video of the men joking backstage the night before alongside Gordon Ramsey and Matt Damon ahead of Sheeran’s performance at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The recording also included clips of the “Thinking Out Loud” singer on stage.

The video ended with Hemsworth encouraging Sheeran. Additionally, in the tweet, he revealed his appreciation for Sheeran and his work congratulating the star for “breaking stadium records.”

As Hemsworth’s post began circulating online, many followers had a lot to say about the video and the star’s admission.

One person expressed how adorable the clip was and said Sheeran should be an “honorary brother to Hemsworth”.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user claimed it was cool to see Hemsworth being punched by Sheeran.

A third person warned Hemsworth to tread lightly on the line of ‘being a fan and a stalker’ as it is ‘pretty thin’. Of course, a laughing emoji was added for good measure.

Another social media user would capture a screenshot of an excited Hemsworth and declare that Sheeran is considered a “musical genius” based on that reaction alone.

Although Sheeran has yet to comment on Hemsworth’s post, the singer shared a photo of the group on his Instagram page and commented on America’s biggest show yet. It is reported that Sheeran performed in front of more than 89,000 people at MetLife Stadium.

In the post, Sheeran celebrated his recent success by reminiscing about his early days in the music industry and how it happened for just 130 people. He wrote,

“I played my biggest show in the US today and broke the ticket record at MetLife. I really don’t take that for granted, my dad told me if you could do it at New York, you could do it anywhere, and today I really remembered my first concert at the Mercury Lounge in 2012 in front of 130 people. It feels like a dream today. Love you all, see you soon in Toronto.

Sheeran’s next stop on the math tour will be in Toronto, Canada on June 16; Hoping Hemsworth is there.

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