CANNIBAL CABIN aka CANNIBAL LAKE (2021) British Horror – New Release

CANNIBAL CABIN aka CANNIBAL LAKE (2021) British Horror – New Release

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You are what they eat
cannibal hut is a 2021 British horror film about a group of young people who mistakenly venture into a remote area inhabited by cannibals. Also known as cannibal lake

Produced and directed by Louisa Warren (Legend of the Lizard Man; The leprechaun game; Virtual Deathmatch; Curse of the Scarecrow) from a screenplay written by Charley McDougall (twisted man; Legend of the Lizard Man), movie stars Richard Summers-Calvert (dragon kingdom; Edge of extinction; fox trap; The Seven Demons), Reece Putinas, J. Taviner and Matthew Laird.

A group of twenty-somethings want to end the summer on a high, so they take advice from a girl they meet at a festival about a secret rave deep in the valleys. When their route is diverted, they have no choice but to venture into the unknown. Once they come across an abandoned water park, they quickly realize that what they thought was their salvation turns out to be the heart of the Flesh Eaters’ lair.

Release date:
cannibal hut was released on demand (VOD) on June 13, 2023.


Cast and characters:
Richard Summers-Calvert … Chris
Reece Poutine … Jamie
J. Taviner … Danny / Bulk / Elizabeth (as Jake Taviner)
Matthew Laird … Jonah (as Matt Laird)
Harvey Almond … Matt
Nicole Nabi … Holly
Toby Wynn-Davies … Officer Grimes
Jane Buckle … Munchkin
Sophie Fisher … Carly
Muneeb Butt… Intuition
Stephen Haynes …Scraney
Jodi Hutton … Jen
Lee Hancock … with sharp teeth
Mia Lacostena … Faye
Daniel Sawicki … Marc
Kirk Cousins… G-man
Tommy Levy … Tommy
Richard Harfst … Corville
Taylor Papworth … Alex
Sonja Quita Doubleday … Marylin

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