It’s been too long since the last season of Black Mirror — four years to be precise — but it’s looking like it was worth the wait as the official trailer for the show’s sixth season (see above) teases the Netflix’s sci-fi anthology’s most insane stories yet.

The trailer teases a lot but still leaves many questions regarding the five stories we’re being given. Although it’s not the usual six episodes, it definitely feels like Charlie Brooker and his team have been prioritizing quality over quantity. As with the previous five seasons, all episodes look completely different and unique in their own way. There’s a whole range of settings and characters from one being set in the 1970s to another taking place in space in an alternate version of 1969.

The trailer also shows a stacked cast with familiar faces such as Aaron Paul and Salma Hayek set to make an appearance. Netflix released the episode list earlier this month but they’ve spoiled us by giving just enough plot info about each episode to whet our appetites.

The last episode is apparently presented by Red Mirror, at least that’s what the trailer tells us, it’s unknown exactly what that means but we’re excited to find out. Although, by the looks of it, it might be a special horror-themed installment. As the description under the video puts it:

“June 15th. We’re back in Black, with a hint of Red!

The sixth season of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns with 5 ground-breaking new stories.

The most unpredictable, unclassifiable and unexpected season yet – only on NETFLIX.”

Whatever the geniuses behind this show have in store for us we can’t wait to see it. After four years of nothing we’re ready to delve back into a world of nightmares and technology. Black Mirror season six is coming very soon, with all episodes dropping on Netflix this June 15.


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