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With fans across the world reeling from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest round of delays that have set the Multiverse Saga back substantially, you’d be well within your rights to believe that things couldn’t possibly get any worse. And yet, El Muerto has decided that now is the perfect time to rise from the ashes and begin preparing for shooting.

The last we heard on the Bad Bunny-fronted entry into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that not a single soul on the planet was asking for, it was beginning to look increasingly likely that it wasn’t going to happen at all. It was announced for a January 2024 release date, but no further information was provided, leading many to wonder if we were supposed to just forget it ever existed.

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However, a new listing on Production List has put El Muerto down to begin principal photography on August 7, and while there’s surely no chance it’ll be filmed, edited, completed, and then thrown into theaters within the space of five months, it does indicate that maybe the needless spin-off isn’t quite as doomed as many were predicting.

Bad Bunny’s team revealed as recently as April that development was “at a standstill,” but here we are with Kevin Feige’s dominant MCU being shunted down the calendar at the exact same time El Muerto has shaken off the cobwebs and decided that now is the perfect time to start gathering serious momentum.

Mark this day in your diaries, folks, because there’s a chance it’ll live on in superhero infamy for some time to come.


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