Armor Wars: Justin Hammer and Val will both feature | Buzz at the bar

Armor Wars: Justin Hammer and Val will both feature |  Buzz at the bar

A little of Buzz at the bar around the next Armor Wars Marvel movie, because according to the latest rumor, Justin Hammer and Val will appear. Val is also hinted that he is the main villain, or at least the antagonist of the film. The rumors come from Alex Perez of CTC which has a very good success rate for Marvel. Check out these two social media posts below for yourself.

It wouldn’t be the first time that there’s been a rumored Justin Hammer comeback. However, these have all been for Armor Wars when it was previously a Disney+ show. Since then, no one knew if this version would survive. However, if that’s true, then I think a lot of fans will be thrilled.

Honestly, I would have suspected Power Broker to come back eventually. Or why tease it (wrong) inside FATWS? However, I would not necessarily have identified her as the person to appear in Armor Wars. I think Val seems like a more appropriate choice, if it’s a new Iron Man arms race.

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However, as with all rumors, don’t take this as confirmation that both characters will return. Alex has a good success rate, but even trades aren’t 100%, especially on shows or movies that haven’t even started filming yet. In other words, even correct information can suffer from changes. What if Rockwell changes his mind or doesn’t agree yet? Just an example, but precise on the operation of this company.

That being said, I’m confident that this rumor will hold up and if it does, I’m glad Rockwell is returning as Hammer. iron man 2 may not be the best Marvel movie, but Rockwell was awesome as Hammer opposite RDJ as Tony.

So what do you think or the last Buzz at the bar around Armor Wars movie that Justin Hammer and Val will appear? As always, let us know your thoughts in the usual place below.

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