3 Reasons The Flash Bombed The Box Office

3 Reasons The Flash Bombed The Box Office

the flash opened and so far its box office has been poor. Today I’m going to talk about the top 3 reasons why the flash bombarded. I guess we’ll see if you agree with me or not? Opening weekend figures for the flash are less than black adam, another DCEU flop. You can find all the details reported by Deadline in our related section below. However, I can assure you that it is not good.

For what? Number 3 – Ezra Miller

Listen, I I have nothing against Miller, but I will say that I never thought he was cast well for the role of Barry Allen. Unfortunately for Miller, they have a lot more vocal fans than me. There are definitely fans who despise Ezra based on his recently (completely) reported bouts of bad and petulant behavior. WB seems convinced that Miller is on some sort of redemption arc, but there are two factors at work here. First, nobody liked Ezra as Barry anyway, and second, fans are harder to fool these days, with access to information being what it is. GOOD, the flash is all about two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, so it’s not going to sit well with anyone who doesn’t like Miller, is it?

I’m not sure there’s anything else WB can do about this spirit other than go back in time to not cast Miller as Barry for Justice League. No studio can afford to completely remake a movie with a different actor after all. Still, I’m pretty confident that dislike of Ezra as Barry plays a part here, but not the only factor.

For what? Issue 2 – Leaks, Trailers, Reviews

As for the leaks, the plot of the flash has been pretty much fully detailed, including most of the surprises for some time online. This tends to happen with nearly every DCEU movie, in part because they all have such a long post-production period after filming. However, secrecy has never really been a hallmark of the DCEU. For me, this has a performance factor and this needs to change in the future.

Some fans will go see a movie just out of curiosity. However, if fans already know what’s going on, maybe they don’t feel the need to show up? Why not wait a month when it will necessarily arrive on Max? We also get rumors about Marvel movies, but they’re often not as detailed or as early as they are with DC. Test screenings, especially for DC, tend to see full details posted online an hour later.

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Another factor here is that almost all of the movie’s big surprises were revealed in the trailer. In fact, the trailers focus much more on surprise cameos like Batman and Supergirl than Barry. You can probably look at reason number 3 as to why this was the case. I think the flash the trailers looked cool, but they kind of give you an entire storyline from the movie bar to the end of the third act.

Finally, we can add mixed reviews and audience scores after release. Word of mouth helps a movie, watch Guardians 3The second week of decline compared to the most recent Marvel movies. While I wouldn’t say the flash is trashed in reviews, nor is it praised. Instead, various big names told us before the release that the movie was great. Then reality sets in, and it’s a slightly above-average DCEU movie with extremely questionable visual effects. In the age of the internet, fans see all of this before they book their tickets.

For what? Number 1 – The DCU

One of the main reasons why the public is not interested in the flash it’s because hardcore fans know it doesn’t mean anything. There will be no more DCEU, only the new DCU which starts with Superman: Legacy and Elseworlds stories, such as sequels for Joker Or The Batman.

I think if marketed correctly, Superman: Legacy will generate interest. Fans will be eager to see if this really is DC’s new dawn in theaters. Whether Legacy manages to keep most of its secrets, is marketed well, gets good reviews, so it will make money. One of the major problems with the flash is that fans know the new DCU means this story isn’t going anywhere, and none of these cameos or teases matter.

It’s done, it’s over, someone asks Momoa to turn off the lights when Aquaman 2 finally wraps up filming. Given Aquaman 2 seems to have been filmed three times already due to test audiences hating it, almost wondering if they should even bother to market it? At this point, will the cost even help the movie sell more tickets?

The world is watching now Superman: Legacy and honestly, everything else about DC is yesterday’s news.

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If we add my three reasons, it’s not so difficult to understand why the flash bombed at the box office. Still, I bet there will be WB executives whose ego won’t let them admit my reasons are a factor. Instead, they’ll say it’s superhero fatigue or some other nonsense.

The truth is, the DCEU never had an audience and the ones it did were just Zack Snyder fanatics who don’t care now. Listen to me carefully, Aquaman 2 will bombard, and Superman: Legacy won’t. After that, it depends on the quality of the new DCU movies. If they’re still better than the DCEU, they’ll also make more money consistently.

Do you agree or disagree with my top 3 reasons why the flash bombed at the box office? As always, share below if you can.

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